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MPA European Public and Economic Policy

MPA European Public and Economic Policy

MPA European Public and Economic Policy

With crises of its economy, migration, integration and accountability, policy-making in the European context has never been more important or more difficult. This stream is suited to individuals seeking a career working in or with the policy-making institutions of the EU, including the European Central Bank, European Commission or European Parliament, or with the national governments, NGOs and corporations that interact with these institutions. This policy stream will help students to understand the causes and drivers of contemporary European public policy. 

Core courses

Students choosing the European Public and Economic Policy stream take the following compulsory course:

Political Economy of Europe (EU452) 

(1.0 units)

All students on the European Public and Economic Policy stream take a full-unit course, Political Economy of Europe (EU452).  Students will learn about relations between the state and the economy in Western, Central and Eastern Europe and their evolution since 1945.  Through this prism students will examine the politics and economics of the formation, governance and continuing development of the EU including the reconciliation of capitalism and democracy and of European integration in post-war Europe Recent and past crises of economic and political integration will be analysed, as well as the attempts to complete and reform the existing union.

In addition, students will learn about and debate democracy and welfare, state competencies, policy delegation and theories of integration, EU enlargement and conditionality, economic governance, the EU and its interaction with Member State preferences and the growth and reform agendas post-crisis. 

Core faculty

Vassilis Monastiriotis

Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis

Associate Professor of Political Economy

European Institute



Graduates from the MPA European Public and Economic Policy have pursued careers working with EU institutions, regional organisations, national administrations and the private sector, including Bruegel, CMF Capital, Council of the European Union, U.S. House of Representatives.

Alumni stories

Alessio Terzi

Alessio Terzi

Research Analyst, The European Central Bank

Class of 2011