European Public and Economic Policy

MPA European Policy Making

With crises of its economy, migration and the challenges of integration and disintegration, policy-making in contemporary Europe has never been as important or challenging.

This policy stream helps students to recognise and evaluate the causes and drivers of European public policy. It is designed for students interested in a career working in or with the policy-making EU institutions, including the European Central Bank, European Commission or European Parliament, or with the national governments, NGOs and corporations that interact with these institutions. 

Core courses

Students choosing the European Policy Making stream take the following compulsory courses:

EU Policy-making and International Cooperation (EU479)

(0.5 units)

This course introduces students to policy-making in the European Union. The EU is a standard and rule-setter beyond Europe and thus raises relevant questions of governance, sovereignty and integration for other parts of the world. Students learn who in the EU sets the agenda; who decides and how implementation and compliance is enforced. This will be applied to major areas of EU policy-making, such as trade in the Single Market, financial regulation and environmental protection. Presentations by practitioners involved in EU policy-making give students insights into the work of lobbyists, advisors and officials.

Policy-Making in Europe: System Challenges (EU480)

(0.5 units)

This course introduces students to policy-making in Europe, with an emphasis on how diversity and interdependence of nation states affect it. The starting point is the tension inherent in capitalist democracies: political power is more equally distributed than economic power. We ask whether interstate and supranational cooperation attenuate or aggravate this tension in its various guises. A number of crises provide a lens through which students will look at the robustness of cooperative institutions and the repercussions on national democracies.

Core faculty


Professor Sara B. Hobolt

Sutherland Chair in European Institutions 
European Institute


Dr Sara Hagemann

Assistant Professor
European Institute 


Dr Waltraud Schelke 

Associate Professor of Political Economy
European Institute


Graduates from the MPA European Policy Making stream have pursued careers working with EU institutions, regional organisations, national administrations and the private sector, including Bruegel, CMF Capital, Council of the European Union, U.S. House of Representatives.

Alumni stories

Alessio Terzi

Alessio Terzi

Research Analyst, The European Central Bank
Class of 2011