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Dual Degree Programme

What is the dual degree programme?

As a member of the Global Public Policy Network, the Institute of Public Affairs offers its MPA students the possibility to spend their second year of study at one of our elite GPPN partner institutions. In exchange, students already in their first year at one of our partner schools can apply to enter directly into the second year of the LSE MPA.

By combining study on the MPA at LSE with study at another internationally-renowned university, students experience the challenges and processes of public policy-making and analysis from different academic and cultural perspectives, equipping them with a high-demand professional skill set and providing the international exposure frequently sought by top employers.  

How does it work?

It is not possible to apply to the dual degree prior to beginning your first year at LSE (or one of our partner schools). Those interested in the dual degree study the same first year curriculum as all other first year MPA students. Details of how and when to apply will be circulated to students during their first year; you do not need to do anything in advance of that time. 

Part-way through the first year, students are invited to apply to spend their second year at one of our GPPN dual degree partner institutions studying for one of the following degrees:

Students can apply to as many dual degree partner schools as they wish. Each partner school considers applications from first year LSE MPA students to participate in the dual degree programme according to their own criteria. Students who receive an offer from more than one partner school have the choice of which one to accept. After accepting a dual degree offer, students must meet the dual degree progression requirements in order to be able to transfer to the partner school for their second year. Students who take up a place on the dual degree pay tuition fees to their chosen institution during their second year. At the end of the second year, students who successfully complete both years of study will receive two degrees: one from LSE, and one from the GPPN partner institution at which they studied.

On average between 25% and 33% of first year students apply to spend their second year at one of our dual degree partners. The number of applicants varies each year. In total, between 10 and 15 students transfer to a partner school for their second year.

If you are currently a first year MPA/MPP/MIA student at one of our partner institutions and would like to be considered for the dual degree programme at LSE, please contact your administration team for further details.

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* Please note that the academic year at GraSPP operates on a different schedule to LSE, and that students spending their second year there will graduate at a later date from other students in their LSE cohort. 



School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Columbia University
School of Public Affairs at the Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques (Sciences Po)
Hertie School of Governance
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKY), National University of Singapore
Graduate School of Public Policy (GraSPP), University of Tokyo