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Civil Service and LSE Executive MPP

Developing the UK's future policy leaders

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) delivers a prestigious Executive Master of Public Policy (EMPP) training the future leaders of the UK Civil Service.

The EMPP equips senior and high-potential civil servants with the cutting-edge analytical tools required to deliver effective policy, in an increasingly complex and inter-dependent world.

The degree is aimed at the development of people with the talent and drive, to reach the very highest levels of the Civil Service Policy Profession, whose careers will see them working on the biggest issues in public policy, and who therefore need to be proficient ambassadors for the best, most modern and most appropriate approaches to policy development.

The EMPP programme builds on the foundations of LSE’s existing world-class public policy training and the pre-existing teachings of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) programme which has been offered for over a decade and attracts around 100 students per year. However, the EMPP programme follows a similar curriculum to the Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) programme. This programme is offered through the Institute of Public Affairs and is delivered by the Department of Economics and the Department of Government in collaboration with leading scholars from across LSE.

The Civil Service EMPP share some classes with LSE’s existing EMPA allowing for networking and exchange of policy ideas amongst a highly diverse and experienced set of international students.

The EMPP programme is first of its kind to commissioned by a cross-government policy community in the UK and is only available to members of the UK Civil Service only.

The programme is open to members of the UK Civil Service applying through an approved route. 

For further information please contact the Civil Service Policy Profession (