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LSE-PKU Summer School in International Affairs

Information about this year's programme is now available. See the flyer here|.

For information on how to apply and details on prices, accommodations, and other information please visit the LSE - PKU Summer School| website.

About the Programme

peking_forbidden_city_160x106The successful collaboration between the London School of Economics and Political Sciences and Peking University continues to deliver another exciting Summer School in Beijing. LSE and PKU are two of the world's leading institutions for teaching and research. In 2008 the Programme will offer courses in Accounting and Finance, Management, Economics, International Relations and Law. All courses are taught in English by internationally renowned specialists in their field. Courses are full-time and consist of a total of 48 contact hours over the two-week period, including 36 hours of lectures and 12 hours of classes. Lectures, which are attended by all participants as a single group, take place in the mornings. In the afternoons the course divides into smaller class groups where problem sets, case studies or seminar papers can be discussed in detail. A typical day during the first week and Monday of the second week consists of lectures from 8:30am-12:30pm and class groups from 2:30-4pm. From Tuesday through Friday of the second week, lectures are usually held from 9am-12noon and class groups from 2:30-3:30pm.

Assessment and examinations

The courses are generally assessed on either a midterm paper and a final examination; or two written examinations. Please see the description of specific courses for further details. Final examinations are held on or before the last day of the programme. Examinations are two hours in length. On completion of the course, students are awarded a certificate stating the course of study and overall grade achieved. A transcript may also be issued on request.

International Relations Courses



Professor Michael Cox and Professor Arne Westad
Prerequisites: None

This course examines the rapidly changing character of international relations since the end of the Cold War - the most significant event of the past twenty five years and one which continues to shape the world we live in. This revolutionary development is analyzed in some detail before going on to assess its impact on the United States, the role of Asia in the world system, and the changing character of Europe. The course sets out to ask and hopefully answer three big questions about these central actors who between them control nearly 80% of the world's wealth: How enduring is American primacy? Is there any chance of the 21st century becoming the Pacific Century? And can the European model survive under conditions of rapid globalization? In trying to solve these three great conundrums we will then be better equipped to see whether or not we are moving towards a 'new world order'. 



Professor Wang Jisi
Prerequisites: None

The purpose of this course is to learn about the history, thrust, and determinants of Chinese foreign policy since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. Emphasis will be placed on the new characteristics of China's foreign relations in the Post-Cold War era against the background of globalization and the profound changes taking place in Chinese society. The course is designed to offer a Chinese perspective, while other perspectives and viewpoints are also provided so as to stimulate discussions among international students. Those who want to take this course should have some basic knowledge of Chinese history, politics, and post-World War II international relations. Previous training on theories of international politics will also be helpful. 

International Relations as part of the LSE-PKU Summer School Programme was launched in 2006, and its first summer was a great success!

For information on how to apply and details on prices, accommodations, and other information please visit the LSE - PKU Summer School| website.

Pictures from 2009 Summer School