The Faculty

The Faculty is comprised of world-renowned academics working in the fields of International Relations, International History, and Economics. They provide the Participants with the analytical tools to better understand the challenges of today’s world.


Professor Michael Cox (Programme Director) is Founding Co-Director of LSE IDEAS and Professor of International Relations. He is a renowned international lecturer who has published extensively on the United States, transatlantic relations, Asia's rise and the problems facing the EU - and the impact these changes are having on international relations.


Professor Christopher Coker is Professor of International Relations. He has been a Visiting Fellow at the Rajaratnam School of International Studies (Tokyo). He has been a Teaching Fellow at the Norwegian Staff College. He has twice served on the RUSI Council, he has written extensively on strategy at defence academies around the world.

 Saul Estrin

Professor Saul Estrin is Head of the Department of Management. He is best known for his work on privatisation, competition and foreign direct investment. He was formerly the Research Director of the of the London Business School's Centre for New and Emerging Markets, notably Brazil, China, India, Russia and Central and Eastern Europe

Margot Light

Professor Margot Light is Emeritus Professor of International Relations. She is a leading authority on Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Eastern Europe, covering their domestic politics, foreign and defence policy, and East-West Relations. Her other specialities include foreign policy analysis and perceptions in foreign affairs


Professor Danny Quah is Professor of Economics at the LSE, and Co-Director, LSE Global Governance. He has consulted for among others the World Bank, the Bank of England, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore. He currently serves on Malaysia’s National Economic Advisory Council and is a Member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Economic Imbalance.


Professor Arne Westad is Professor of International History, Co-Director of LSE IDEAS and co-founder of the LSE-Peking University Double MSc in International Affairs. He is a leading authority on the Cold War and its international legacies, as well as the modern history of East Asia. His last history of China's foreign affairs, Restless Empire: China and the World since 1750 was published in 2012.




The Practitioners

The team of practitioners is formed by experienced strategists, diplomats and civil servants. Through sharing their invaluable first-hand experience, they enable participants to develop a practical approach to the issues covered by the programme.


Gordon Barrass leads the team of Practitioners. He is Visiting Professor at LSE IDEAS specialising in the development and application of modern strategy. After some 20 years in the British Diplomatic Service he served as Chief of the Assessments Staff in the Cabinet Office, before helping PwC develop its business in China.  He is a member of the Trilateral Nuclear Dialogue (US, France, UK).


Robert Cooper

Sir Robert Cooper was Head of the Policy Planning Staff at the Foreign Office and UK's Special Representative in Afghanistan, before taking up a post in the European Union in 2002. Here he was responsible to Javier Solana and assisted with the implementation of European strategic, security and defence policy. A well known public intellectual, he is the author of two influential studies on the modern world: The Post-Modern State and the World Order (2000) and The Breaking of Nations: Order and Chaos in the Twenty-First Century (2003).


Tom McKane has long experience of dealing with security policy and military affairs.  Until March 2014 he was the MOD’s Director-General for Security Policy, responsible for advising the Secretary of State on all aspects of the defence contribution to security policy, including multilateral and bilateral defence relations and nuclear policy. His earlier postings have included the Northern Ireland Office, the British Embassy in Riyadh and the Cabinet Office.  He is a Senior Visiting Fellow at LSE IDEAS.


Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid has an extensive knowledge of Southeast Asia, both politically and economically. He has been a journalist, investment banker and market regulator. He is currently chairman of Bank Muamalat Malaysia, chairman of the CIMB Asean Research Institute (CARI) and a Visiting Senior Fellow at LSE IDEAS.


Clovis Meath Baker was Director of Intelligence Production at GCHQ from 2010-13. Prior to this he filled senior Foreign Office roles dealing with the Middle East, Counter-Proliferation, and Iran, and regularly attended meetings of the National Security Council, the Joint Intelligence Committee, and COBR. Areas of recent expertise include the Middle East, Pakistan, Counter-Proliferation, Counter-Terrorism, and Cyber.


Julian Miller is Deputy National Security Adviser at the UK National Security Council. Since the Council was established in 2010 he have been providing support to the Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister and the National Security Adviser on foreign and defence policy. He is also a Visiting Professor at LSE.


Sir Richard Mottram is an expert on defence, security, strategy and planning. He was one of Britain’s top civil servants, heading several departments, including the Ministry of Defence, and Security and Intelligence in the Cabinet Office. His current roles include Chairman of the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory.


Jonathan Powell was Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Blair and played a key role in reaching agreement with the IRA on a political settlement in Northern Ireland. During his 15 years in the Diplomatic Service he was closely involved in the Hong Kong negotiations with China and German Unification. He is Founder and CEO of InterMediate, an NGO devoted to conflict resolution.


Dr Jamie Shea is NATO's Deputy Assistant Secretary for Emerging Security Challenges. His earlier positions in the International Staff include NATO Spokesman during the Bosnia and Kosovo conflicts and Director of Policy and Planning in the Private office of the Secretary General. Dr Shea is currently Visiting Professor in Diplomacy and International Strategy at LSE IDEAS.


The Team


Professor Michael Cox (Programme Director) is Founding Co-Director of LSE IDEAS and Professor of International Relations


Dr Luca Tardelli is the Executive Programme Convener of the MSc International Strategy and Diplomacy at LSE IDEAS.


Dr David Cadier is the Executive Programme Teaching Fellow at LSE IDEAS. 


Craig Smith is the Executive Programme Assistant of MSc International Strategy and Diplomacy at LSE IDEAS.