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IDEAS Reports

IDEAS research papers offering in-depth analysis. Includes special reports which feature a range of world-class expertise on vital issues and reports produced by IDEAS projects.


From Deng to Xi: Economic Reform, the Silk Road, and the Return of the Middle Kingdom

This report explores the extent to which Deng's momentous economic reforms in 1978 have shaped modern China, what the country's expanded international role under Xi means, and who really makes Chinese foreign policy. Download pdf / Read online

Next Generation Viewpoints on Transatlantic Relations

New Challenges, New Voices: Next Generation Viewpoints on Transatlantic Relations

This report offers views on the future of transatlantic relations from scholars who are at the start of their careers, with European and US perspectives on what the future holds in defence, economics, values, and relations with emerging powers.

Changing Waters: Towards a new EU Asia Strategy

Changing Waters: Towards a new EU Asia Strategy

The EU-Asia relationship is changing, from development assistance to cooperation – and possibly competition. This report explores an overhaul of the EU's 2001 Asia Strategy, more important than ever in the context of Asian economic growth and the US 'pivot'.

Avoiding a New 'Cold War': The Future of EU-Russia Relations in the Context of the Ukraine Crisis

Avoiding a New 'Cold War': The Future of EU-Russia Relations

The feeling that we are experiencing the emergence of a New ‘Cold War’ is increasingly creeping into European and Russian discourse. This report provides a series of clear policy recommendations on how to move from a deeply confrontational mind-set to a more cooperative one.

After the Drug Wars

After the Drug Wars

The War on Drugs is over. In this report, the LSE Expert Group on the Economics of Drug Policy sets out a framework for the future of international drug policy based on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Investing for Influence

Investing for Influence: LSE Diplomacy Commission Report

What should be the purpose of British foreign policy? With the Foreign Office and diplomatic service under budgetary pressure, this report argues the UK should reassess its international role from first principles.


Churchill 2015: 21st Century Power - Dislocation, Diffusion & Decay

The IDEAS Power Shifts project has published a report on 21st Century Power, analysing how power is shifting, diffusing and decaying in the modern world from ‘smart power’ to digital power, as part of Churchill 2015 - a 21st century statesmanship programme commemorating Churchill’s legacy.


The Geopolitics of Eurasian Economic Integration

The Eurasian region faces competing pressures  as the EU’s 'Eastern Neighbourhood' or as Russia’s 'Near Abroad'. This report analyses EU-Russian competition in Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Moldova, and Georgia including often overlooked domestic factors.

Ending the Drug Wars

Ending the Drug Wars: Report of the LSE Expert Group on the Economics of Drug Policy

In this report the LSE Expert Group on the Economics of Drug Policy argue that it is time to end the ‘war on drugs’ and massively redirect resources towards effective evidence-based policies underpinned by rigorous economic analysis. 


The Crisis of EU Enlargement

Enlargement is widely hailed as the EU’s most successful foreign policy tool, but now faces daunting challenges. This report looks at why enlargement has been successful in the past and how to integrate these lessons to develop a new strategy.


A Strategy for Southern Europe

This report examines the challenges confronting Southern Europe and seeks to explore the potential benefits the countries of the region could gain through closer cooperation in migration, maritime security, energy, and defence. 

Emerging Powers Africa

Emerging Powers in Africa 

Emerging powers are playing an increasingly consequential role in Africa. This report analyses China, Russia, India, Brazil, Turkey, and South Korea’s increasing roles on the continent. 

Southeast Asia

The New Geopolitics of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian states risk becoming pawns in a geopolitical clash between two extra-regional superpowers. This report analyses how the states in the region are responding to the challenge posed by the strategic interests of the US and China in their geography and economy. 

Governing the Global Drug Wars

Governing the Global Drug Wars

Since 1909 the international community has worked to eradicate the abuse of narcotics. A century on, the efforts are widely acknowledged to have failed. How did this drug control system arise, why has it proven so durable in the face of failure, and is there hope for reform? (En Español)

Europe in an Asian Century

Europe in an Asian Century

This report, based on presentations at the Dahrendorf Symposium, explores how China looms large in Europe’s recovery from the crisis and is increasingly interested in Europe’s future for economic and wider strategic reasons.

China's Geoeconomic Strategy

China's Geoeconomic Strategy

This report attempts to provide a systematic assessment of the economic bases of China’s foreign policy and the challenges the country faces as it makes the transition from rising power to superpower.

Power Shift in the Middle East?

After the Arab Spring: Power Shift in the Middle East?

How far did the events of 2011 contest the fundamentals of social, economic and political organisation in the Arab world? This report assesses the uprisings in six countries and the impact on power shifts for the US, Iran, and Israel.

India the Next Superpower?

India: The Next Superpower?

Hillary Clinton called India "not just a regional power, but a global power". This report looks at India’s prospects as a great power from economic, military, environmental and soft power perspectives including issues such as democracy and corruption.

US after Unipolarity

The United States After Unipolarity

If the narrative of American decline is at least partially correct then the United States will be forced to rebalance its foreign policy to a world that is no longer 'unambiguously unipolar'. In this report, we asked a selection of experts to assess that adjustment across a series of policy areas.

Northern Ireland

The Lessons of Northern Ireland

This report asks what we can learn from the history of peacebuilding in Northern Ireland, and critically assesses the applicability of the Northern Irish experience to contemporary counter-terrorism policy. Supported by the Airey Neave Trust and the LSE Annual Fund.

Turkey's Global Strategy

Turkey's Global Strategy

Analysing Turkish foreign policy beyond a pro or anti Western binary viewpoint, this report provides insight into the Justice and Development Party's (AKP) strategic thinking on relations with the EU, Greece, Iran, Syria, Iraq, the United States, and the Caucasus. 

British Foreign Policy

The Future of UK Foreign Policy 

In this report a range of contributors, all with long and distinguished careers in British foreign policy, consider Britain’s role in the world in the broadest sense - identifying our core interests and the most appropriate capacities to secure them. 

Voters Southeast Asia

Democratisation & Voter Mobilisation in Southeast Asia

Democratic participation has grown in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. This report summarises an IDEAS workshop on voter engagement in Southeast Asia. 

Climate Change

Climate Change: Is Southeast Asia Up to the Challenge?

AESAN nations are among the most affected by climate change, can they be effective at the international level? This report is based on an IDEAS workshop in Jakarta. 

Obama Nation

Obama Nation? US Foreign Policy One Year On

To mark one year since the inauguration of President Barack Obama, this Special Report brings together distinguished authors from the LSE and beyond to discuss how successfully the United States has reconfigured its foreign policy in the past year.


ASEAN: Perspectives on Economic Integration

Summarising an IDEAS workshop in Kuala Lumpur on The Path to ASEAN Economic Integration. The creation of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations was an act of great statesmanship. Can the organisation continue integration?

World Crisis

The World Crisis

Summarising the 'New World, New Capitalism' conference hosted by the French government in Paris in the midst of the global financial crisis.


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