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IDEAS Reports

  • Strategic Updates analyse major issues in international affairs, featuring contributions from leading experts,
  • Special Reports harness world-class expertise to produce technically specialised in-depth reports,
  • Situation Analysis briefings and the IDEAS blog provide expert reaction to events and crises in international affairs as they happen. 

If you are interested in commissioning a report for private or public audiences, please email Nick Kitchen|.

Latest Reports


The Crisis of EU Enlargement|

Enlargement faces daunting challenges both internally and with respect to its neighbours. If the EU hopes to revive its most successful foreign policy tool, it must reconsider why it has been successful in the past and integrate these lessons to develop a new strategy. 


A Strategy for Southern Europe|

Over the last five years Southern Europe has experienced widespread economic, political and social upheaval of almost existential proportion. 


Emerging Powers in Africa|

Emerging powers are playing an increasingly consequential role in Africa, and are set to deepen their impact upon political, economic and security dynamics across the continent in coming years.


Special Reports

Strategic Updates

Situation Analysis