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SU005 - Powering Up: Latin America's Energy Challenges

March 2010: The LSE IDEAS Latin America International Affairs Programme bring together in this report a group of leading experts to discuss the challenges facing Latin America's energy producers.  In the last decade many Latin American states used rising commodity prices  to underpin domestic redistributive policies, and those high prices have made the region an important one to watch in the global energy market. Progress towards regional policy coordination has been hampered by diplomatic arguments, country variations and national interests. With growing domestic demand and insufficient energy supplies, the role of energy transcends the national, regional and international levels of Latin American politics, and demonstrates the importance that this sector will play in the decade ahead. 



Introduction: Beyond The National:
Regional Challenges in Latin America's Energy Sector

Tanya Harmer and Guy Burton
Head of LSE IDEAS Latin America International Affairs Programme
Research Associate of LSE IDEAS Latin America Programme and Guest Editor

Oil and Twenty-First Century Socialism in Latin America: Venezuela and Ecuador
George Philip
Professor of Comparative and Latin American Politics, LSE

The Second Malvinas crisis? Argentina and Oil Prospecting Off the Falkland Islands
Tom Freije
Energy Editor, Economist Intelligence Unit

State or Market? Strategic Choices in Brazil's Energy Sector
Georges D. Landau
Managing Director, Menas do Brasil and Editor, Brazil Focus

Bolivia's Nationalised Natural Gas: Social and Economic Stability Under Morales
Brent Z. Kaup
Assistant Professor of Sociology & Environment, Science, and Policy, College of William & Mary

Revising the Past: The Paraguayan Energy Sector in Perspective
Andrew Nickson
Reader in Public Management in the International Development Department, University of Birmingham

The Mexican Oil Reform: Before and After
Jorge Eduardo Navarrete Lopez
Former under-secretary for Policy and Development in the Mexican Energy Secretariat