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SU003 - The Middle East: Intractable Conflict?

November 2009:   To mark the launch of the LSE IDEAS Middle East Programme this Strategic Update considers the prospects for peace in the Middle East, considering the region and the actors involved in their international context.

The authors assess the effect of the demise of the grand narratives of the war on terror and jihad through martyrdom; consider whether Hamas is on the path to becoming a responsible regional actor; analyse Jordan's stake in the overall process of Middle East Peacemaking; and ask whether, in the light of the US administration's renewed efforts, there is a chance of breaking the impasse in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.



Nicholas Kitchen
Editor, IDEAS Reports and Fellow, IDEAS Transatlantic Programme

The Future of Political Islam and the 'War on Terror'
Gilles Kepel
Phillipe Roman Chair in History and International Affairs, LSE IDEAS

The Transformation of Hamas?
Fawaz Gerges
Professor of Middle Eastern Politics and International Relations, LSE

Jordan's Unavoidable Stake in the Middle East Peace Process
Nigel Ashton
Professor of International History, LSE and Head of LSE IDEAS Middle East International Affairs Programme

The Israeli-Palestinian Impasse: Will this Time be Different?
Amnon Aran
Lecturer in International Politics, City University


Cover image courtesy of Bruno Stevens, www.brunostevens.com