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Emerging Powers in Africa

Emerging powers are playing an increasingly consequential role in Africa, and are set to deepen their impact upon political, economic and security dynamics across the continent in coming years. In many respects this is an expression of wider global trends characterised by the shifting balance of wealth and power away from the US and Europe to the rapidly growing economies. In Africa, the impact of these emerging – or in some cases, re-emerging – actors is becoming more substantial and more complex almost by the day.

Emerging powers are bringing financial capital, business acumen and new models of development and diplomacy to the continent. In doing so they see in Africa a resource partner, an export market, and a relatively uninhabited geopolitical space in which they can leverage their growing influence. Assessing this dynamic is crucial to developing an understanding of Africa’s growing importance in the global supply chain, its growing relevance as a market and its centrality to the new international order in the making.


Executive Summary
Nicholas Kitchen, Editor, IDEAS Reports


Chris Alden

Zhang Chun

Alexandra Arkhangelskaya and Vladimir Shubin

Daniel Large

Ana Christina Alves

Mehmet Ozkan

Soyeun Kim

Chris Alden


*This chapter benefits in part from research support provided by the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) for in 2012.