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Governing The Global Drug Wars

October 2012

Since 1909 the international community has worked to eradicate the abuse of narcotics. A century on, the efforts are widely acknowledged to have failed, and worse, have spurred black market violence and human rights abuses. How did this drug control system arise, why has it proven so durable in the face of failure, and is there hope for reform?

The Report was launched at The Global Drug Wars event.



Re-examining the Drug Problem Through a Fresh Lens
Juan Manuel Santos, President of the Republic of Columbia

Executive Summary
John Collins, Guest Editor

Historical Overview: The International Drug Control System

Reflections on a Century of International Drug Control

William B. McAllister

Why We Make War on Some Drugs but not Others

David T Courtwright

Science, Diplomacy and Cannabis
James H. Mills

Appraising the Consequences of Policy
Joseph F. Spillane

Latin America

Paul Gootenberg

Diane Steber Buechli and Ruth Dreifuss

The United Nations
David R. Bewley-Taylor

Towards a Human Rights Framework

Damon Barrett

Overhauling Oversight: Human Rights and the INCB
Joanne Csete