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China's Geoeconomic Strategy

China's Geoeconomic Strategy

Following the 2008 financial crisis, the world is increasingly looking towards the Chinese economy - as an opportunity and a threat.

This report provides a systematic assessment of the economic bases of China’s foreign policy and asks to what extent China's growth has led to a geoeconomic strategy.

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China's Geoeconomic Strategy

Published June 2012


Executive Summary
Nicholas Kitchen

China’s International Future
Odd Arne Westad

Does China have a Foreign Policy? Domestic Pressures and China’s Strategy
Jonathan Fenby 

Access: China’s Resource Foreign Policy
Shaun Breslin 

China as a Trading Superpower
Xiaojun Li 

Firms with Chinese Characteristics: The Role of Companies in Chinese Foreign Policy
Jie Yu

China’s Strategy towards the Financial Crisis and Economic Reform
Linda Yueh

China’s Approach to US debt and the Eurozone crisis
Nicola Casarini

What Power Shift to China?
Guy de Jonquières

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