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SR003 - Obama Nation? US Foreign Policy One Year On

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January 2010:   To mark one year since the inauguration of President Barack Obama, this Special Report brings together distinguished authors from the LSE and beyond to discuss how successfully the United States has reconfigured its foreign policy in the past year.

Obama came to office facing a daunting array of specific policy challenges which were compounded by the twin overriding objectives to repudiate the Bush years and restore American legitimacy whilst focusing on economic renewal in the wake of the most severe economic crisis since the Great Depression. The picture of his first year in office is one of mixed success but of striking ambition. 



Cover Note: One Year On|
Dr Nicholas Kitchen

The End of Leadership? Constraints on the World Role of Obama's America|
Professor Barry Buzan

Redefining the Global War on Terror?|
Professor Adrian Guelke

Obama's Middle East Policy: Time to Decide|
Gregorio Bettiza and Christopher Phillips

Bush's War: Drawdown in Iraq|
Dr Toby Dodge

The Right War? Obama's Afghanistan Strategy|
Dr Michael J. Williams

Simply Press the Button? The Reality of Resetting with Russia|
Dr Artemy Kalinovsky

Playing Catch-Up: The United States and Southeast Asia|
Dr Jürgen Haacke

US-EU Relations after Lisbon: Reviving Transatlantic Cooperation|
Sir Colin Budd

Getting a Deal on Climate Change: Obama's Flexible Multilateralism|
Dr Robert Falkner

Obama Fails to Reverse Gravity: America Continues to Decline|
Steven Clemons

Driving Decline? Economic Crisis and the Rise of China|
Dr Nicholas Kitchen and Professor Michael Cox

IDEAS Blog: Barack Obama's Nobel Prize
|Professor Arne Westad, Dr Nicholas Kitchen, Professor Nigel Ashton, Dr George Lawson, Professor Danny Quah, Professor Michael Cox, Charlotte Armah