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IDEAS analysis helps to explain global foreign policy and identify issues of strategic and diplomatic importance. 

Reports: IDEAS research papers offering in-depth analysis. Includes special reports which feature a range of world-class expertise on vital issues and reports produced by IDEAS projects.  

Strategic Updates: Identifying topics of emerging strategic importance in international affairs. 

Journals: IDEAS is home to two internationally esteemed journals: Cold War History, the most prominent journal in the field, and International Politics, a wide-ranging journal that deals with world politics and international affairs. 

In addition, the analysis archive collects other past publications from LSE IDEAS, including the situation analysis series, and IDEAS today magazine. 

Latest Analysis


From Deng to Xi: Economic Reform, the Silk Road, and the Return of the Middle Kingdom

This report explores the extent to which Deng's momentous economic reforms in 1978 have shaped modern China, what the country's expanded international role under Xi means, and who really makes Chinese foreign policy. Download pdf / Read online


The 14 Brexit Negotiations

The process of Brexit goes far beyond invoking Article 50. In this Strategic Update, Andrew Hammond and Tim Oliver identify some 14 Brexit negotiations underway - both formal diplomatic discussions and wider debates between and within the UK and EU. Read online / Download pdf

Making the 'Special Relationship' Great Again?

Making the 'Special Relationship' Great Again?

Donald Trump’s election poses uncomfortable questions for Britain about the future of the UK-US ‘Special Relationship’. This Strategic Update looks at the core elements of the ‘Special Relationship’ that could be under strain and how Britain could be left between a Trump Rock and a Brexit Hard Place. Read online / Download pdf


Featured Analysis

After the Drug Wars

After the Drug Wars

Read the report endorsed by 6 Nobel Prize winners setting out a framework for the future of international drug policy in the 'post war on drugs' era, based on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Brexit What Happens Next

Brexit: What Happens Next?

The British withdrawal from the EU will be a process not an event. This Strategic Update by Tim Oliver sets out the nine overlapping series of negotiations to expect and the positions the 27 remaining EU countries, gathered from a network of researchers across the continent. Read online / Download pdf

China's Geoeconomic Strategy

China's Geoeconomic Strategy

This report which provides a systematic assessment of the economic bases of China’s foreign policy and the challenges the country faces as it makes the transition from rising power to superpower. LSE IDEAS' work on China continues with the China Foresight Project.


You can also view news analysis and media appearances from IDEAS People.