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IDEAS analysis helps to explain global foreign policy and identify issues of strategic and diplomatic importance. 

Reports: IDEAS research papers offering in-depth analysis. Includes special reports which feature a range of world-class expertise on vital issues and reports produced by IDEAS projects.  

Strategic Updates: Identifying topics of emerging strategic importance in international affairs. 

Journals: IDEAS is home to two internationally esteemed journals: Cold War History, the most prominent journal in the field, and International Politics, a wide-ranging journal that deals with world politics and international affairs. 

In addition, the analysis archive collects other past publications from LSE IDEAS, including the situation analysis series, and IDEAS today magazine. 

Latest Analysis

Next Generation Viewpoints on Transatlantic Relations

New Challenges, New Voices: Next Generation Viewpoints on Transatlantic Relations

This report offers views on the future of transatlantic relations from scholars who are at the start of their careers, with European and US perspectives on what the future holds in defence, economics, values, and relations with emerging powers.

Changing Waters: Towards a new EU Asia Strategy

Changing Waters: Towards a new EU Asia Strategy

The EU-Asia relationship is changing, from development assistance to cooperation – and possibly competition. This report explores an overhaul of the EU's 2001 Asia Strategy, more important than ever in the context of Asian economic growth and the US 'pivot'.

Avoiding a New 'Cold War': The Future of EU-Russia Relations in the Context of the Ukraine Crisis

Avoiding a New 'Cold War': The Future of EU-Russia Relations

The feeling that we are experiencing the emergence of a New ‘Cold War’ is increasingly creeping into European and Russian discourse. This report provides a series of clear policy recommendations on how to move from a deeply confrontational mind-set to a more cooperative one.


Featured Analysis

After the Drug Wars

After the Drug Wars

As the UN General Assembly Special Session on drugs (UNGASS) takes place, read the report from the LSE Expert Group on the Economics of Drug Policy providing the evidence base for reform to governments around the world, setting out a framework for the future of international drug policy based on the Sustainable Development Goals.

A European Union without the United Kingdom

A EU without the UK: The Geopolitics of a British Exit from the EU

The EU, the rest of Europe, allies around the world, and the UK itself need to prepare for the wider international implications of potential exit from the EU. This Strategic Update examines how likely a Brexit is and explores what it could mean for the EU, European integration, and Europe’s economics and security. Download pdf / Read online

China's Geoeconomic Strategy

China's Geoeconomic Strategy

This report which provides a systematic assessment of the economic bases of China’s foreign policy and the challenges the country faces as it makes the transition from rising power to superpower. LSE IDEAS' work on China continues with the China Foresight Project.


You can also view news analysis and media apperances from IDEAS People.