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IDEAS analysis helps to explain global foreign policy and identify issues of strategic and diplomatic importance. 

Reports: IDEAS research papers offering in-depth analysis. Includes special reports which feature a range of world-class expertise on vital issues and reports produced by IDEAS projects.  

Strategic Updates: Identifying topics of emerging strategic importance in international affairs. 

Journals: IDEAS is home to two internationally esteemed journals: Cold War History, the most prominent journal in the field, and International Politics, a wide-ranging journal that deals with world politics and international affairs. 

In addition, the analysis archive collects other past publications from LSE IDEAS, including the situation analysis series, and IDEAS today magazine. 

Latest Analysis


Churchill 2015: 21st Century Power - Dislocation, Diffusion & Decay

The IDEAS Power Shifts project has published a report on 21st Century Power, analysing how power is shifting, diffusing and decaying in the modern world from ‘smart power’ to digital power, as part of Churchill 2015 - a 21st century statesmanship programme commemorating Churchill’s legacy.

European Soft Power

Strategic Update: China-EU Relations & European Soft Power 

Despite obvious differences, the EU’s most comprehensive partnership with an emerging power has been with China. This Strategic Update argues that this is partly due to China's identification with Europe's ancient culture and summarises current 'soft power' diplomacy.

Dahrendorf Forum Policy Brief

Dahrendorf Forum Policy Brief: Europe's Role in the World   

After 2014, the year of crises, how can Europe take stock of its role in the world? This briefing from the Dahrendorf Forum includes five policy recommendations from former diplomats on building European foreign policy after the rise of ISIS and the Ukrainian conflict.


Featured Analysis

Strategic Update

The Euro Crisis: A Historical Perspective

This Strategic Update sheds light on the current euro crisis by looking at the debates preceding the conception of the euro. How can the early days of EU monetary cooperation help us understand today’s predicament? And what lessons can we draw from them for the euro?

International Drug Policy Project

Ending the Drugs Wars Report 

This report from the Expert Group on the Economics of Drug Policy was named one of the top ten policy studies by a think-tank worldwide. It uses an independent economic analysis to design a successor strategy to the failed global war on drugs. 

Climate Change

Climate Change: Is Southeast Asia up to the Challenge?

AESAN nations are among the most affected by climate change, can they be effective at the international level? Ahead of the Paris COP21 conference, revisit this report based on an IDEAS workshop in Jakarta.


You can also view news analysis and media apperances from IDEAS People.