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IDEAS Today showcases ongoing events and provides a venue for our studious and well-travelled researchers to share what they are learning about the world.

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Towards a new Arab World |Gilles Képel
Following the upheavals in the Middle East and the Maghreb, IDEAS Senior Fellow Gilles Kcpel assesses the Arab Spring.

Intervention Today| Luca Tardelli
With 130.000 NATO troops still engaged in Afghanistan, 42.000 American troops present in Iraq and shrinking budgets following the global financial crisis, few would have expected renewed military interventionism in the international arena. Yet, three military interventions took place in March 2011.

Germany's Libya Abstention| Felix Berenskoetter
The German decision to abstain from voting on the UN Security Council Resolution 1973 authorizing a no-fly zone over Libya puzzled many observers and was heavily criticized by some. The German government has been accused of irresponsible and inconsistent behaviour, abandoning Western consensus, and of having 'failed the test' of leadership.

Yemen Enters the Arab Summer| Tobias Thiel
The current political crisis in Yemen poses the fiercest challenge to the regime of President Saleh to date. As he continues to hold on to power, Yemen is heading towards a humanitarian catastrophe. With Mr Saleh under medical treatment in Saudi Arabia, the international community should engage the opposition and quickly move towards a political transition.

Western Aviation Technology Transfers to China| Marco Wyss
General Electric (GE), a major player in jet engines and aeronautical technology, plans a joint venture with the state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). The American company is supposed to provide its advanced avionics technology – the electronics for communications, navigation, cockpit displays and controls – for the development of the new Chinese airliner: the C919, a potential future competitor for Airbus and Boeing in China.

Quo Vadis Cuba| Carlos Antonio Solis-Tejada
April 16, 2011 was business as usual for Cuba as the country's people joined in to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the defeat of the CIA-backed Cuban opposition militias that tried to invade the country at Playa Girón in 1961. That invasion had consolidated popular support for the Cuban Revolution and its Socialist character, and the on-line broadcast by official Cuban television commentators was keen to remind viewers of its historic importance.

A Watershed in South American International Relations| Juliana Bertazzo
Regional organizations all around the world are increasingly involved in international intervention, which can range from the issuing of a statement to an all-out war. International mediation, on the other hand, is a form of alternate dispute resolution that although by definition is still considered intervention, precludes the use of force.

Conference: The Balkans and the Cold War| Antonio Moneo and Eirini Karamouzi
On May 27-29, 2011 LSE IDEAS Balkan International Affairs Programme, in cooperation with Konstantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy, held a three day international conference entitled Balkans in the Cold War in Athens, Greece. The conference brought together prominent scholars from almost all the countries of the Balkan region, as well as the USA, Britain and Russia.

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