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Books at IDEAS

IDEAS publishes a book series with Routledge and houses the editorial offices for the Cambridge History of the Cold War. One of its most ambitious publication projects is a three volume documentary history of British-Soviet relations during the Cold War, supported by the British Academy and the Russian Academy of Science.

alonggoodbye|A Long Goodbye: The Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan

A Long Goodbye is the first comprehensive account of the Soviet Withdrawl in Afghanistan. Based on newly available archival material and supplemented by interviews with major actors, Kalinovsky reconstructs the fierce debates among Soviet diplomats, KGB officials, the Red Army, and top Politburo figures. The fear that withdrawal would diminish the USSR's status as leader of the Third World is palpable in these disagreements, as are the competing interests of Afghan factions and the Soviet Union's superpower rival in the West. Details|

russiaAgainstNapolean_full|Russia Against Napoleon: the battle for Europe, 1807 to 1814

Professor Dominic Lieven co-Head of the Russia Studies Programme, has been awarded the Wolfson History Prize for his book about Napoleon's conflict with Russia. Russia Against Napoleon reveals the Russian story of the 1812 French invasion of Russia. It follows the Russian army's advance across Europe in the following eighteen months, culminating in the capture of Paris and the overthrow of Napoleon. Using a refreshing, rare and remarkable array of sources, Professor Lieven details how the Russians went from the retreat of Moscow to taking centre stage in European affairs. Much more than a history of the battlefield, Russia Against Napoleon intricately weaves in the suffering of Russian people during the pursuit of victory while also revealing one of the most successful espionage missions in history.  Details|

CHCW|The Cambridge History of the Cold War (CHCW)

The CHCW is a three-volume comprehensive history, written by 71 leading scholars from 20 countries, that seeks to illuminate the causes, dynamics, and consequences of the Cold War. The CHCW's two general editors are Professor Melvyn P Leffler, University of Virginia and Professor Odd Arne Westad, LSE. Details|


reviewing the cold war use this|Routledge Cass Series: Cold War History

In the new history of the Cold War that has been forming since 1989, many of the established truths about the international conflict that shaped the latter half of the twentieth century have come up for revision. The present series is an attempt to make available interpretations and materials that will help further the development of this new history, and it will concentrate in particular on publishing expositions of key historical issues and critical surveys of newly available sources. The series editors are IDEAS directors Professor Odd Arne Westad and Professor Michael Cox. 

20c int rel cox|Twentieth Century International Relations: I (Volumes I-IV) and II (Volumes V-VIII)

Twentieth Century International Relations is a two part eight-volume set providing comprehensive coverage of the factors that determined the evolution of the international system in the twentieth century. Bridging what many see as the huge gap dividing International Relations from the study of international history, the eight volumes constitute a major contribution to the study of a most turbulent century. This project is edited by IDEAS director Professor Michael Cox. Details| 

cox us for pol|US Foreign Policy

This new edited volume was published in 2008. It is a major textbook and the most comprehensive introduction to US foreign policy available. The volume provides significantly more comprehensive coverage than competing texts and will allow instructors to customise the text for any module no matter what the emphasis or perspective. It draws together a wide range of leading international scholars from inside and outside the USA, offering students a broad range of perspectives and it includes a section on US foreign policy towards different regions, allowing students to analyze US foreign policy in practice. It is edited by IDEAS director Professor Michael Cox and Dr. Doug Stokes. Details|

softPowerSoft Power and US Foreign Policy

Edited by IDEAS Co-Director Professor Michael Cox alongside Professor Inderjeet Parmar of Manchester University this volume is the most comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of the key concept of soft power in foreign affairs and is essential reading for scholars of US foreign policy, public diplomacy, international relations and foreign policy analysis.  Details| 


English School Of International Relations

Written by former LSE IDEAS Fellow, Professor Xiaoming Zhang of Peking University, this book elaborates on China as a factor in the English School theorizing on international society, including the historical comparisons of international systems/international society, expansion of international society, and China's rise in international society. Details|

br ac rus acBritish Academy - Russian Academy Project

The British Academy and the Russian Academy have come together in a joint project to compile several volumes of documents in Russian and in English covering UK-Soviet relations during the period 1943-64. One of the purposes of this project is to bring the documents together on order to compare those documents held in UK and in the Russian archives on the key developments during this period. The IDEAS Cold War Studies Centre is honoured to be collaborating with the Russian Academy of Sciences on this seminal project with the generous support of the British Academy. Expected completion in 2010.  Details|