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2010: A Year in Review

coverIssue 7: February 2011

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IDEAS'' region-by-region review of international affairs over the last twelve months features IDEAS Philippe Roman Chair Professor Niall Ferguson disucssing the nature of global trends.

Global Trends Niall Ferguson
'Change is constant,' is the kind of cliché I am accustomed to hearing in corporate videos and chief executives' speeches. The historical reality is that change is anything but constant.

East Asia Kerry Brown
The story of East Asia in 2010 was dominated by China, and by the juxtaposition of China's economic prowess and political clumsiness. These expressed well the very ambiguous, complex impact of its rising importance on the rest of the world, and the impact of that rise on its own internal situation. 

Latin America Guy Burton
Could 2010 be the year both of the Right and women in Latin America? For the past decade elections seemed to point to a rising 'pink tide' and a collection of grey suits.

Transatlantic James Goldgeier
Since January 2009 many Europeans have asked if President Barack Obama's roots in Hawaii and Indonesia are leading the United States to shift its attention away from Europe toward Asia. The causes of America's reorientation are in fact deeper and more structural.

Russia Artemy Kalinovsky
2010 might be labelled the year that Russia finally got to have its cake and eat it too, at least when it came to the country's foreign relations. Russian leaders since Mikhail Gorbachev (and earlier) have sought to balance protection of their country's national interests with full acceptance into the community of nations.

Africa Sue Onslow, Christian Kramer
The deafening noise of the vuvuzela did more than just provide the definitive sounds of the 2010 Football World Cup. Fifty years after 'the Year of Africa', when so many countries on the continent achieved formal independence, it also illustrated the confidence of the continent to find its own style.

Southeast Asia Munir Majid
Wikileaks helped post some defining aspects to Southeast Asia in 2010. One was the alleged reference by Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew to North Korea's Kim Jong-il as a "fat, flabby chap" who was "psychopathic" but "could take his drink."

Balkans Svetozar Rajak, Antonio Moneo
In the year marking the thirtieth anniversary of Tito's death and the tenth anniversary of the Bulldozer Revolution, which ousted Slobodan Miloševic, the Balkans had to face some unresolved issues, as well as several unforeseen challenges.

Middle East Christopher Phillips
2010 has been a disappointing year for the Middle East. Despite the hopes raised by Barack Obama's positive engagement with the troubled region, the year ended with no breakthrough in Afghanistan, another breakdown in peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians and little progress on Iran's nuclear programme.

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