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The Tea Party in International Perspective

IDEAS TodayIssue 6: December 2010

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The Big Idea: Do Nations Need Strategies Nick Kitchen
Over the last six months in United Kingdom foreign policy circles, questions of national purpose have not been far from the lips of policymakers and academics.

The Global 1989 George Lawson
...the ways in which the central dynamics of contemporary world politics have been shaped, for better or worse, by the social forces unleashed in Central and Eastern Europe some twenty years ago.

Programme in Focus: Strategy in the Age of Global Risk
Recognising the need for strategy to incorporate deep analysis, consideration and assessment, the new MSc in International Diplomacy and Strategy has been set up by LSE IDEAS.

Spotlight on Fellows: Mr Jonathan Powell
Jonathan Powell served as Tony Blair’s Chief of Staff throughout the former Prime Minister’s tenure, and is a member of the LSE IDEAS Advisory Board.

Organised Crime: The Dark Side of Globalisation HE Eduardo Medina-Mora
It’s been said that organised crime is the dark side of globalisation. No country alone is responsible for the problem; in fact, each State plays a role in the entire global criminal puzzle.

ANALYSIS: The Genesis of the Mexican Drug Wars George Adelman
The Latin American drug trade has a longer history than is often acknowledged. Bolstered by the US prohibition laws of the early 20th Century, including the 1909 Opium Exclusion Act, 1914 Harrison Narcotics Law and 1920 Prohibition of Alcohol, the primitive export trade became increasingly profitable and sophisticated under its newfound illicit status.

IDEAS Conference: Reappraising the Iran-Iraq War Thirty Years Later Bryan R Gibson
Thirty years ago, Iraqi forces thrust across the Iran-Iraq border to the east of Basra, leading to eight years of war that can best be described as “a bare-knuckle fight with no rules.”

Tea Time in Washington: The Tea Party in International Perspective Gregorio Bettiza
For better or worst, the Tea Party has come to dominate America’s 2010 midterm electoral season. Its energy has propelled the GOP towards the largest number of House pickups since 1948.

World Bank Chief Economist for Africa denounces 'Quiet Corruption' Christina Barrios & Paul Nolan
Shantayanan Devarajan is the Chief Economist of the World Bank’s Africa Region. Since joining the World Bank in 1991, he has been a Principal Economist and Research Manager for Public Economics in the Development Research Group, and the Chief Economist of the Human Development Network and of the South Asia Region.

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