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Deals, Denials and Declassification: Israeli-South African Nuclear Collaboration

Issue5_coverIssue 5: September 2010

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The Big Idea: "US Diplomacy in Rising Asia: Through the Glass Darkly" Munir Majid
If the US overplays the perceived threat from China in the evolution of rising Asia the region is in for a rough ride with likely increased tensions.

Deals, Denials and Declassification: Israeli-South African Nuclear Collaboration Anna-Mart Van Wyk
Sasha Polakow-Suransky won a landslide victory in getting a large collection of South African documents on Israeli-South African nuclear relations declassified, but many unanswered questions remain.

Programme in Focus: Southeast Asia International Affairs Programme
In recent years, analysis of Southeast Asia has been eclipsed by the focus on the rise of China. LSE IDEAS' Southeast Asia International Affairs Programme aims to bring Southeast Asia out of the shadows.

65 Years on: Why the War still Matters in Japan Dayna Barnes
The 15th of August marked the 65th Anniversary of V-J day. For other belligerents in the war, the event passed with little more than a moment's reflection, but in Japan, the past is not yet just history.

Spotlight on Fellows: Interview with FCO Visitor, Rhodri Williams
IDEAS visitor from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office speaks about his career, his research, and the challenges facing British foreign policy.

General Petraeus Goes to Kabul Toby Dodge
To lose one American general charged with running a vicious foreign war maybe regarded as a misfortune, however to lose two looks a lot like carelessness. Can David Petraeus rescue Barack Obama's Afghan policy?

A 'Cold War Love Affair' and the Future of Anglo-Swiss Relations  Marco Wyss
Can attitudes to Europe and interests in global finance revive Britain and Switzerland's amorous Cold War relations?

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