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The Great Fears of Afghanistan


Issue 4: June 2010

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The Big Idea: Russian Transition and the West Dominic Lieven
Russia's future will depend partly on the evolution of its poltical system and on which factions come out on top in Kremlin power struggles.

Can Greece Meet the Challenge? Eirini Karamouzi & Vassilis Paipais
Pundits and policy-makers alike agree that as much as the Greek government would like to cast the blame solely on international speculators or German intransigence and lack of European vision, the country's public debt crisis bears the mark of some uniquely Greek peculiarities.

The Great Fears of Afghanistan: How wild rumours shape politics Antonio Giustozzi
Levebvre's findings on 1789 suggest that we should be careful about rationalizing the motivations and aims of social and even political actors; such popular beliefs and 'fears' must be factored into the explanation of Afghanistan's recent history.

Mongolia between Russia and China Sergey Radchenko
Few places seem to amtter less for the West than Mongolia. Policy makers in Ulaanbaatar have tried hard over the years to develop their "third neighbour" policy in a bid to escape the hard geographic reality of being sandwiched between China and Russia.

Programme in Focus: Russia Studies Programme
One of the newest components of LSE IDEAS, the Russia Studies Programme draws uniqueness from bringing Russian historians to London for access to UK archives,  libraries, and colleagues.

"Solid not Slavish": UK-UK Relations under Cameron and Clegg Nick Kitchen
Obama's warm reception for David Cameron was a deliberate attempt to reboot a relationship which got off to a poor start.

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