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Civil Society and Statebuilding in the Congo

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Issue 2: February 2010

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The Big Idea: 'China in the 21st Century' Arne Westad
On the face of it, China seems to be faring quite well as European and American economies stumble through the financial crisis.

The People in Charge: Civil Society and State Building in the Democratic Republic of Congo Cristina Barrios
A handful of people wait for transport on the main road of Kinshasa, the Boulevard 30 Juin that commemorates the country's independence 50 years ago.

Programme in Focus: Latin America International Affairs Programme
Latin America rarely makes the headlines in the UK media. Although much of the region was economically close to Britain in the nineteenth century, today it seems peripheral; China, Afghanistan, Iraq usually get the most attention.

The Resurgence of the Latin American Right and the Cold War that Never Ended Victor Figeuroa-Clark
In Latin America the Cold War never really ended. Cuba stands as a last remnant of 'real existing socialism', an ideological bastion defying the might of real existing capitalism on the other side of the Florida straits.

Iraq needs to walk before it can run Ranj Alaaldin
In his first State of the Union speech, President Obama reasserted his February 2009 promise that US combat operations in Iraq would end August this year, as part of a self-imposed withdrawal deadline which should see most of the 142,000 US troops out of the country.

Spotlight on Fellows: Interview with Dr Toby Dodge
A prolific scholar, he has travelled to Iraq repeatedly, and has served as an occasional adviser to General David Petraeus.

How can China Win Friends and Influence Southeast Asia? Emmanuel Yujuico
To the untrained eye, ASEAN resembles any number of regional alliances that find it difficult to pursue collective action.

Regime Change Starts at Home? Practical Lessons of a Reconceptualisation of the Cold War Wes Ullrich
'Regime change starts at home'. Often heard among critics of the Bush administration in the run-up to, and after, the war in Iraq had begun; this platitude was not part of the popular lexicon until 2002.

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