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IDEAS Today  showcases ongoing events and provides a venue for our studious and well-travelled researchers to share what they are learning about the world.

New issues are no longer published but you can browse past editons below. 


Issue 8: June 2011: Towards a New Arab World

plus intervention today, Germany's Libya abstention and a watershed in South American International Relations. 


Issue 7: February 2011: 2010 - A Year in Review

The key trends in international affairs from around the globe in 2010, featuring Niall Ferguson.


Issue 6: December 2010: The Tea Party in International Perspective

plus: Do nations nned strategies?, the Global 1989, Reapprasing the Iran-Iraq war, Organised Crime in Latin America and more.


Issue 5: September 2010: Israeli-South African Nuclear Collaboration

plus: US diplomacy in rising Asia, Anglo-Swiss Cold War relations, General Petraeus and Obama's Afghan policy and more. 


Issue 4: June 2010: The Great Fears of Afghanistan

plus: Russia and the West, Mongolia's third neighbour policy, US-UK relations under the coalition, Greek's public debt crisis and more. 

IDEAS Today Issue 3

Issue 3: April 2010: Refugees in Malaysia

plus: Iran's Green Revolution, the Sub-Sahran gold rush, diversity in Trinidad and Tobago, the Falkland's oil, transatlantic relations under Obama and more. 

Issue 2 Cover Image

Issue 2: February 2010: Civil Society in the Congo

plus: China's modernisation, the right in Latin America, Iraq's tightrope, winning friends in Southeast Asia, the Cold War history of regime change and more. 


Issue 1: December 2009: Palestinian Jordanians' Silent Majority

plus: America's 'smart power', Afghanistan's next eighteen months, Germany and South Africa's 1989s, Barack Obama's fading transatlanticism and more. 


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