Previous Events

13_11_28_Complexity Theory

Historical Method And Complexity Theory: Re-interpreting the 1948 Tito-Stalin Split|

Thursday 28 November 2013, 6.30pm, B13, 32 Lincoln's Inn Fields (LIF)
Discussants: Professor Eve Mitleton-Kelly, Dr Svetozar Rajak; Chair: Dr Svetozar Rajak


A Strategy for Southern Europe - Lisbon Report Launch|

Date and Time: Saturday 23rd November 2013, 2.00 - 6.00pm
Venue: Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Salão Nobre, Lisbon - Portugal


The EU in the Eye of the Storm

Monday 14th October 2013, 6.30pm, Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building (NAB)
Speaker: Dr Javier Solana; Discussant: Professor Robert Cooper; Chair: Professor Michael Cox 

This event marked the launch of the LSE IDEAS Southern Europe International Affairs Programme.


The UN and the Break-up of Yugoslavia: A Reassessment|

Tuesday, 19 March 2013, COL 2.01, 6.30pm-8.00pm, Columbia House
Speaker: Professor Mats Berdal; Chair: Dr. Marietta Stankova; Discussant: Dr. Svetozar Rajak


Contemporary Russia and the Balkans|

Tuesday 19 February 2013, COL 2.01, Columbia House
Speaker: Dr Pete Duncan; Discussant: Dr David Cadier; Chair: Dr Marietta Stankova.


The Balkans' Europeanisation: A Blessing or A Curse?|

Tuesday 15 January 2013,  COL 2.01, Columbia House
Speakers: Dr Dimitar Bechev, Mr Laza Kekic; Chair: Dr Marietta Stankova




A Strategy for Southern Europe: Assessing Challenges, Exploring Opportunities|

Southern Europe International Affairs Programme launch
Monday 14 October 2013, London.


'A True Alternative? The Nonaligned Movement in the Cold War'|

International Conference, 24-26 May 2012, Belgrade, Serbia

Jointly organised by LSE IDEAS and
The National Archives of Serbia, Belgrade
Serbia Archives of Yugoslavia, Belgrade, Serbia

Barbed Wire

Balkans in the Cold War - Athens International Conference|

International Conference, 27-29 May, 2011, Athens, Greece
The objective of the conference is to examine the Balkans between WW2 and the end of the Cold War (1945-1990) 

Balkans 2020

Balkans 2020: The Ministerial Debate|

18 November 2010, 6.30pm, Sheikh Zayed Theatre
Speakers:HE Nickolay Mladenov; HE Vuk Jeremić; Chair: Dr Svetozar Rajak




International Workshop II - The Road to Democracy in Southern Europe: The International Dimension|

Friday 22nd November 2013, 9.00 - 18.00, Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Torre B, Piso 7.

This workshop is being organised in collaboration with IHC, Lisbon.


The International Dimension of the Southern European Dictatorships|

International Workshop, 19 June 2012, London , UK
This workshop examined the collapse of the dictatorships in Spain, Portugal and Greece; and whether and to what extent they were exposed to the international Cold War currents that prevailed at the time of their implosion during the early 1970s. 

Balkans 2020

Balkans in 2020 - Workshop|

International Workshop, 18 November 2010, London, UK
This seminar was devoted to examining prospects for the region to 2020. Brief introductory presentations and panel discussions covered four broad areas—politics, security, economics and the role of external actors, in particular the EU. The theses and questions, presented below, served as a framework for discussion. 





From Ideas to Policies: Greek analysis on the Cold War and the Balkans, 1944-1989|

2 November 2010, 6.30pm, B212
Speaker: Dr Evanthis Hatzivassiliou
Chair: Dr Svetozar Rajak


Was Yugoslavia a Doomed State? A Theoretical Approach to Yugoslavia's Evolution From 1946 to 1989|
2 December 2009, 6:30pm, B212|

Speaker: Antonio Moneo Chair: Dr. Svetozar Rajak

Ante Batovic

The Balkans in Turmoil - Yugoslav Political Crisis and its Position Between the Blocs 1966-1971|
21 January 2009, B212

Ante Batović, LSE IDEAS Visiting Research Fellow from the University of Zadar, Croatia, delivered a seminar in LSE IDEAS on The Balkans in Turmoil - Yugoslav Political Crisis and its Position Between the Blocs 1966-1971. Read the paper|




Securing Peace and Stability in the Balkans: European Perspectives and International Law|
Monday, 7 December 2009, Wolfson Theatre, LSE
Speaker: HE Mr Vuk Jeremić, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Serbia
Chair: Dr Svetozar Rajak, LSE IDEAS