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Securing Peace and Stability in the Balkans

Securing Peace and Stability in the Balkans: European Perspectives and International Law

Monday, 7 December 2009, Wolfson Theatre, LSE
Speaker: HE Mr Vuk Jeremić, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Serbia
Chair: Dr Svetozar Rajak, LSE IDEAS 


The crisis created by the collapse of Yugoslavia is one of the longest in the history of Europe in the past two hundred years. From the very beginning, among the many features of this multi-faceted crisis, the question of legality played an important role. The latest but, perhaps not the last act of the post-Yugoslav tragedy is the issue currently before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague – the legality of  the Kosovo declaration of independence.  Each of the legal decisions borne out of the Yugoslav crisis had important, sometimes dramatic and far-reaching repercussions on the practice of the international law and on the international system, in general. 

Serbian Prime Minister, Mr Vuk Jeremić, fresh from deliberations in the ICJ, addressed regional implications of the Court's impeding ruling on the issue of Kosovo independence and the prospects of Serbia's integration into EU. During his talk, Mr Jeremić stressed Serbia's readiness to reach the mutually agreeable position on the status of Kosovo with the Kosovo Albanians through dialogue. He reiterated, however, his country's resolve not to accept, what it sees as the dictum of the Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence.  The Serbian Foreign Minister also addressed the question of Serbia's integration into EU, relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina, and other aspects of regional security. In an extended and lively Q&A session, Minister Jeremić responded to a number of questions from the audience.  

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, Mr Vuk Jeremić was educated in Cambridge and Harward. From 2004 he was the Senior Foreign Policy Adviser to Boris Tadic, President of Serbia before taking over as the Republic's Foreign Minister.