The LSE IDEAS Southeast Asia International Affairs Programme focuses on the contemporary challenges in the international affairs of Southeast Asia. The major issues of current coverage deemed of critical importance for the region and its links with a globalising world are:

  • Regional integration and its challenges
  • The growth of participatory democracy
  • Diplomacy and international affairs connected to conservation and climate change
  • Territorial issues and disputes
  • Limited sovereignty and norms for international intervention - atrocities, human rights violations and state breakdown
  • Handling the threat of international terror

There is a great need for scholars and practitioners of international affairs to join in a debate on the future of the Southeast Asia region so that voices from the region, its immediate neighbours and key international powers are listened to. This programme intends to become one such meeting place, in which practitioners from diplomacy, administration and business can meet with academic experts from the LSE and elsewhere to engage in debates and dialogue regarding the above key issues, in addition to future developments. In addition, the Southeast Asia International Affairs Programme aims to stimulate the research of younger scholars in the field, especially from the region itself, through PhD studentships and Postdoctoral fellowships.