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Professor Vladislav Zubok| is Head of the Russia International Affairs Programme.  He is also Professor in the International History Department at the LSE.

Janet Hartley

Professor Janet Hartley| is co-head of the Paulsen programme. She is also Professor of International History specializing in Russia History.

Professor Dominic Lieven

Professor Dominic Lieven| is co-head of the Paulsen programme and a Senior Fellow at LSE IDEAS. He is also Professor of Russian History and Senior Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge.


Dr Paul Keenan| is co-head of the Paulsen programme. He is also Lecturer in International History at the LSE, specialising in Russia during the eighteenth century.



Liza Ryan is the Programme Administrator for the Russia Studies programme.


Programme Associates


Darya Vershinina| is an Associate Professor at Perm State University (Perm, Russia), where she received her PhD in 2007.


Andrey Larin| is a senior lecturer at Samara State University (Samara, Russia).


Yulia Komleva| is Associate Professor at the Chair of Modern and Contemporary History of Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg, Russia.


Yan Vaslavskiy| is Associate Professor of the Political Theory Department of the Faculty of Political Science, MGIMO-University, Moscow, Russia.


Artem Dankov| was a Paulsen Fellow of the Russia Studies Programme. He is a senior lecturer at Tomsk State University.

Victor Apryshchenko

Victor Apryshchenko| is Head of Modern History Department and Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs of the History Faculty, Southern Federal University, Russia.

Stanislav Malkin

Dr Stanislav Malkin| was a Paulsen Fellow of the Russia Studies Programme. He is a senior lecturer at the Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities.