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Comparative Workshop on Mass Protests

Friday 13th - Saturday 14th June 2014, organised by Dr Tomila Lankina

Video debates with workshop participants:

Mass Protests and Electoral Fraud in Russia|
Tomila Lankina, Associate Professor International Relations Dept, LSE and Rodion Skovoroda, Assistant Professor Nottingham University, discuss their application of the "last digit" fraud detection statistical technique to analyse the interaction between electoral fraud and mass protests in Russia, and why electoral authoritarian regimes should be wary of mass protests when they try to reproduce themselves through electoral fraud.

Social Media and Social Networks in the EuroMaidan Protests
Olga Onuch, Research Fellow Nuffield College, Oxford University and Joshua Tucker, Professor of Politics New York University discuss their new survey and online media use data obtained during the recent EuroMaidan protests in Ukraine, their ground-breaking techniques for analysing how new technology interacts with established "off-line" social networks and why policy makers across the world should take note of this research.

Revolutions and Roundabouts:  The Spread of Protest in the Arab Spring|
David Patel, Associate Professor Cornell University and Crown Center Brandeis University discusses his innovative research into how "squares and roundabouts" - elements fo the spatial layout of capital cities and people's collective understanding of urban spaces - help explain why during the recent wave of Arab uprisings mass protests happened in some states and not others.


Russia and the Napoleonic Wars|

15th-19th May 2014, Mezotnes, Latvia

An international conference bringing together leading Russian and Western historians to exchange ideas and take forward scholarship on the Napoleonic period.



Video Debates on Russia and Ukraine with experts from the region|

Debates on the past and present of national identities and nationalist movements in Russia and Ukraine with focus on the role of Russian media's use of "fascism" in the memory wars that have been taking place in the region. Discussion of the current crisis, Russia's goals and Western possible responses.

Siberia_Janet Hartley

Professor Janet Hartley to publish new book in August 2014|

Siberia: A History of the People will be published this August by Yale Unviersity Press. Janet Hartley explores the history of this vast Russian wasteland - whose very name is a common euphemism for remote bleakness and exile - through the lives of the people who settled there, either willingly, desperately, or as prisoners condemned to exile or forced labour in mines or the gulag.


Nationalism in Russia and Europe: Understanding the Past, Exploring the Present.| 

Friday 14th March, London School of Economics and Political Science
A joint workshop with the Southern Federal University (Rostov-on-Don).