• Obama’s Foreign Policy in a Transforming Middle East
    IDEAS' Transatlantic Programme Coordinator Dr. Nicholas Kitchen will be participating in a panel discussion at Warwick University on May 10th 2012. He will be addressing the question 'is the war on terror over?' The event is hosted by the AHRC Research Network on the Presidency of Barack Obama.
  • Iran and the West: How portrayals justify intervention
    Arne Westad's arguments about how US administrations viewed Africa nations as 'children' and 'adolescents' during the Cold War hold insights for current Western diplomacy towards Iran.
  • IDEAS Today: The Arab Spring
    The new issue of IDEAS Today focuses on the Arab Spring, with articles on Libya, Yemen, interventionism and more...
  • New Special Report: Turkey's Global Strategy
    As we approach the Turkish parliamentary elections, this major new research report analyses Turkey's 'zero problems with neighbours' foreign policy.
  • Re-Writing History - Al Majalla
    Bryan Gibson - In the 30 years since the start of the Iran-Iraq war, our understanding of the conflict has undergone periodic shifts. Today, thanks to the release of Iraqi documents that were previously classified, the willingness of participants to discuss the war, and the persistence of researchers, more is being learned about the war than ever before. On 23-24 September, policymakers, intelligence officers and scholars of the Iran-Iraq war met at the London School of Economics (LSE) to debate, discuss and reappraise the present state of knowledge on this brutal war that cost over 300,000 lives and permanently maimed thousands more.
  • Both sides lost. And 22 years on, the US has too
    Nigel Ashton in The Times (behind pay-wall): ...political influence. What Khomeini could not achieve through war has been delivered instead through the ballot box.
  • Iran and Iraq remember war that cost more than a million lives | World ...
    Ian Black of the Guardian looks at the week thirty years ago when Saddam Hussein launched a 'whirlwind war' that lasted eight years. He closes with a reference to 'Reappraising the Iran-Iraq War Thirty Years Later', a conference co-hosted by LSE IDEAS.
  • Lebanon: Blair's other Middle East mistake | Chris Phillips | Guardian
    9 Sep 2010: Chris Phillips: A Journey presents Blair's actions during the 2006 Lebanon war as those of a committed ideologue, not simply Bush's poodle
  • Syria and the west: another wasted decade | Chris Phillips | Guardian
    25 Jul 2010: Chris Phillips: Ten years of bullying has failed. If the west wants a more peaceful, democratic Middle East it must be friendlier to Syria
  • Miliband's grand Middle East delusion | Chris Phillips | Guardian
    12 Mar 2010: Chris Phillips: The foreign secretary is wrong: Britain's soft power in the Middle East has much greater influence than its show of force in Iraq
  • IDEAS Today Issue 1: Silent Majority
    Silent Majority - Palestinian Jordanians and the search for identity: Amman’s Downtown district is no postcard picture. Whilst neighbouring cities Damascus and Jerusalem are blessed with ancient architecture, the centre of Jordan’s capital seems to be inspired primarily by 1960s Soviet aesthetics.
  • Syria's Assad: pariah to power-broker | Chris Phillips | Guardian
    17 Feb 2010: Chris Phillips: It's a remarkable recovery in political and economic fortune that sees Syria and Assad being courted by the west and Arabs alike
  • King Hussein of Jordan: a political life, by Nigel Ashton
    Sir Mark Allen, LSE IDEAS Advisory Board: Nigel Ashton, a Professor at the LSE and Head of the LSE Middle East International Affairs Programme, "has written a lucid and thorough life of King Hussein, who ruled Jordan from 1953 to 1999. Students of the Arab–Israeli dispute must read this book, but so should many others."
  • Just What's Happening in Algeria?
    The assassination of the Algerian chief of national police Colonel Ali Tounsi coincides with the standoff between the Turkish Government and the military establishment. In Algeria, a conflict of similar colouring has been underway for several months.

News from the region

  • Syria Islamists take northern town
    Islamist rebels have captured much of the north-western Syrian town of Jisr al-Shughur from government forces, activists say.
  • Yemen ex-leader appeals for calm
    Yemen's former president calls on his Houthi rebel allies to withdraw from territory they have seized in return for a halt to Saudi air strikes.
  • IS posts 'health service' video
    Islamic State appears to have released a promotional video for its own health service featuring NHS-style branding and an Australian doctor.