LSE-FGV Brazil Symposium 2011


The Shaw Library, Old Building   7-8 July 2011

The Latin America International Affairs Programme at LSE IDEAS and the Centre for International Relations at the Fundação Getulio Vargas' Centre for Documentation and Research (CPDOC-FGV) organized a two-day symposium with support from the British Academy to examine Brazil's place in the Americas.

There has been much talk of rising Brazil, of Brazil's position as one of the emerging BRICS in world politics and of its growing economic position in global terms.

But what has been its relationship with its neighbours in South America, Central America and North America in the last decade?

To what extent have the transformations inside Brazil influenced other countries in the hemisphere?

What is the record of Brazil's newfound regional activism?

Is the image of Brazil as a model, a partner and a leader accurate?

How have actors throughout the hemisphere perceived Brazil?

What are the opportunities and challenges posed by regional integration?

To what extent has Brazil's position in the Americas changed?

This symposium brought together experts from around the UK and Latin America to address these questions through a series of high profile plenary lectures and roundtables with a view to drawing broader conclusions related to contemporary Latin American international political, economic and social affairs. 

Thursday 7 July   

18:00 - 19:30    Opening Keynote Address

Speaker: H.E. Roberto Jaguaribe| - Brazilian Ambassador to the UK

Chair:  Gordon Barrass| - LSE IDEAS


Top: H.E. Roberto Jaguaribe and Prof Gordon Barrass 

Friday 8 July   

10:00 - 11:30     Roundtable 1 

 Brazil and the Americas in the 21st century - Historical Context and Future Prospects

Speakers:  Prof. Kenneth Maxwell| - Harvard University

 Dr. Matias Spektor| - FGV-CPDOC

                                     Chair:  Dr Tanya Harmer| - LSE IDEAS


Top: Prof. Kenneth Maxwell,  Dr. Matias Spektor; Bottom Dr. Tanya Harmer, Dr Juliana Bertazzo

12:00 - 13:00    Roundtable 2

Social Change and Democracy: Brazil in Comparative  Perspective

                       Speakers: Dr Francisco Panizza| - LSE

                                           Dr Guy Burton| - LSE IDEAS

                                  Dr Fiona Macaulay - Bradford University

                               Chair: Dr Matias Spektor| -  FGV - CPDOC


Top: Dr Francsico Panizza ; Bottom:  Dr Guy Burton, Dr Fiona Macaulay

15:00 - 16:30    Roundtable 3

Security and Human Rights : Brazil in Comparative Perspective

                        Speakers: Prof Anthony Pereira| - King's College London

       Dr Juliana Bertazzo| - University of Oxford

                     Dr Juan Tokatlian - Universidad Torcuato Di Tella

                               Chair:   Prof Gordon Barrass |- LSE IDEAS


Clockwise: Prof Anthony Pereira, Dr Juliana Bertazzo, Dr Matias Spektor, Dr Juan Tokaltian

17:00 - 18:30    Roundtable 4

Brazil in the Americas: Economic Integration, Trade and Investment

                              Speakers: Mr Michael Reid| - The Economist

                                                  Dr Mahrukh Doctor |- University of Hull

                                      Chair:  Prof George Philip| - LSE


Top: Mr Michael Reid, Dr Mahrukh Doctor; Bottom: Prof Anthony Pereira

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