Welcome to Horizonte, the Latin American International Affairs Programme blog at LSE IDEAS. We invite PhD students and academics from the UK and beyond to analyse and examine events in Latin America to promote a better understanding of how Latin America's past impacts its present. We aim to facilitate dialogue and a deeper understanding of this diverse region.

Venezuela: The Failure of the Fifth Republic
Professor Maxwell A. Cameron, Director of the Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions, University of British Columbia.   The turmoil that has rocked Venezuela since early February has resulted in almost 30 deaths, hundreds of injuries, and 1,500 detentions … Continue reading

Countries willing to act should address climate change through market-based solutions now – other countries will follow
As part of the LSE EUROPP series on the Dahrendorf Symposium.   What solutions should be used to tackle climate change? Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker writes that it is time to consider a market-based approach which makes polluting energy more … Continue reading

Latin America leads drug policy reform
By Benoît Gomis, research analyst at the International Security Research Department of Chatham House.   On 17 May, the Organization of American States (OAS) published the results of a year-long review into drug policies in the Americas, highlighting the limits … Continue reading

Open Veins of Brazil: Tension, perplexity and the (re)emergence of popular protests
By Dr Pia Riggirozzi is a Lecturer in Global Politics at the University of Southampton.   Brazil has posed one of the most puzzling dilemmas for politicians and academics alike: how is it possible that in a country where growth … Continue reading

Report on the OAS General Assembly in Antigua, Guatemala
By Baroness Molly Meacher.   The APPG for Drug Policy Reform were invited by President Otto Perez Molina of Guatemala to attend the 43rd General Assembly of the OAS from 4-6 June, as Observers. This report represents my reflections on … Continue reading

A Brazilian Spring? No, not really.
By Professor Thiago Rodrigues and Fernando Brancoli   Crowds of protesters, police violence and expressions of discontent unseen for many decades—this is a good portrayal of what took place in the largest cities of Brazil during the first weeks of … Continue reading

The added value of the Pacific Alliance and ‘modular regionalism’ in Latin America
By Gian Luca Gardini, Senior Lecturer in International Relations & Latin American Politics at the University of Bath.   In 2012 Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico launched the Pacific Alliance, the latest of countless organisations meant to foster Latin American … Continue reading

Mexico’s New Government: Crime and Drugs Issues
By Professor George Philip is a professor of Comparative and Latin American Politics in the Department of Government at LSE.   The presidency of Felipe Calderon, though it has in many ways achieved positive results, will likely be remembered mainly … Continue reading

Negotiations in Colombia: disunity within FARC and the relevance of the local
By Oscar Palma is a PhD candidate in International Relations at the LSE researching FARC’s construction of transnational networks.   Conversations with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) are advancing in the midst of a heated debate about a … Continue reading

Latin America: Life after Chavez (and Lula)
Dr Francisco Panizza, Head of the Latin America International Affairs Programme at LSE IDEAS and Reader in the Department of Government at the London School of Economics.   For most of the second half of the 2000s, the grand narrative of … Continue reading