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The driving force behind the LSE IDEAS Latin America International Affairs Programme is the realisation that both the Latin American chapter of the Cold War and the implications of the Cold War on the region continue to be fragmented areas of study, relatively neglected and waiting to be more fully explored. Building on LSE IDEAS' combined strengths in the study of International History and International Relations, the Latin America International Affairs Programme aims to facilitate dialogue, stimulate research and overall promote a better understanding of the way in which Latin America’s past impacts on its present.

As well as facilitating focussed discussion on individual Latin American countries and their domestic politics and foreign relations, the Latin America International Affairs Programme at IDEAS is particularly interested in addressing the following topics:

  • Democracy and dictatorship
  • Economic development
  • Foreign interventionism
  • Ideologies, cultures and mindsets
  • Nationalism and internationalism
  • Regional institutions and integration
  • Revolution and Counter-Revolution
  • Violence and Human Rights

Housed within the resource rich environment of the LSE, this programme creates invaluable, thought-provoking international conferences, important publications and exciting events.