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2011 LSE-GWU-UCSB Graduate Conference on the Cold War

University of California at Santa Barbara
14-16 April 2010

GroupThe Ninth Annual LSE-GWU-UCSB International Graduate Conference on the Cold War was an tremendous success. The conference featured burgeoning scholars from across the globe, addressing a variety of issues from nuclear diplomacy, terrorism, US-Latin American relations, the Cold War in Africa and Asia, and Gorbachev and culture. Graduate students received feedback from a variety of scholars and experts on Cold War history from a variety of institutions. In addition to the outstanding scholarship on display, the conference featured an address by Professor Toshi Hasegawa (UCSB) on his new collection,  The Cold War in Asia, co-edited with Professor Arne Westad (LSE). Professor Mary Sarotte (USC) set the conference abuzz with her keynote address on "The International Legacy of 1989," and was followed by Professor Hope M. Harrison (GWU) who led a discussion featuring tips for graduate students on navigating archives. Discussion of papers continued each night at dinner.

OAWThe Saki Ruth Dockrill Memorial Prize|, given for the best paper was awarded to Jamie Miller of Cambridge University for his paper "'This Bastion Against Communism': South Africa and the Collapse of the Portuguese Empire, 1973-74". He will have the opportunity to publish the paper in Cold War History|, as well as receiving a £100 book voucher.

In 2003, UCSB and GW first joined their separate spring conferences, and two years later LSE became a co-sponsor. The three cold war centres now hold a jointly sponsored conference each year, alternating among the three campuses. For more information on the three programs, please visit the respective Web sites (on the right). the 10th Annual Conference will be hosted by the CWSP in London in 2012.