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2009 European Summer School on Cold War History

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Throughout Europe several research institutions are carrying out valuable, innovative studies on Cold War history. Hundreds of doctoral students are exploring new ground and opening up new perspectives on the Cold War in Europe as well as in its global, transnational dimensions.
These European scholars, however, do not yet have a meeting point, a regular appointment where their research findings can be compared, confronted and tested in a lively exchange.
With the Summer School on Cold War History we intend to fill this gap and start such a yearly venue. In this first 2009 meeting, 12 young researchers from the participating institutions will submit papers to be discussed with senior scholars and will debate some of the major interpretative and theoretical issues that dominate current scholarship on the Cold War.
The project, however, aims for a larger outreach. In the following years we plan to extend the School with a Europe-wide call for papers that we hope will bring together researchers from a larger number of countries and research centres.

Access the schedule in pdf format here|.  The secure site for the conference is here|.


Wednesday, September 2: 

Arrival at Villa Morghen and dinner at 20:30 pm 

Thursday, September 3

9-10:30 Panel 1

  • Dayna Barnes The occupation of Japan, continuity and change during the early Cold War
  • Lucrezia Cominelli The Broken Mirror of the "developed socialism": The Lasting Myth and the Premature End of Communism, Italian and French Case-studies
  • Discussant: Mario Del Pero 

11-12:30 Panel 2

  • Carlo Patti Brazil and the United States During the Years of Geisel (1974- 1979)
  • Victor Figueroa-Clark Doing what they know how: Chileans in the Sandinista armed forces
  • Discussant: Tanya Harmer 

14-15:30 Panel 3

  • Giuliano Garavini European Foreign Policy: Does it Exist? Reflections on the Historiography of the External Dimension of the European Community and its Limits
  • Mohammed Ghettas US-Algerian Relations: Boumediene Reshuffles Algeria's Foreign Policy, 1969-'70
  • Discussant: Federico Romero 

16-18:30 Discussion

  • What is Cold War in the Era of Detente ? Tanya Harmer and Silvio Pons

Friday, September 4

9-10:30 Panel 4

  • Molly Tarhuni The US, Britain and the Radicalisation of the Qaddafi Regime 1969-1986
  • Antonio Renzi In the shadow of Vietnam. Washington and the British withdrawal from South East Asia
  • Discussant Antonio Varsori 

11-12:30 Panel 5

  • Artemy Kalinovsky Taking Sides: The KGB and the Soviet Military in Afghanistan's Internal Disputes
  • Valentine Lomellini The Final Act of Helsinki, a final act for the Western communist parties'
  • autonomy from Moscow
  • Discussant: Silvio Pons 

14-15:30 Panel 6

  • Umberto Tulli   Between Human rights and Detente. The Carter Administration, Congress and Dissenters in the Communist World
  • Goetz Bechtolsheimer The United States and Mobutu's Congo; the Lyndon Johnson Years
  • Discussant: Leopoldo Nuti 

16-18:30 Discussion

  • Global Cold War and European Cold War. Arne Westad  and Leopoldo Nuti 

20:30 Dinner in downtown Florence 

Saturday, September 5

9:30-12:30 Discussion

  • Organizing Cold War Studies in Europe: Topics, Themes and Institutions
  • Svetozar Rajak, Antonio Varsori and Federico Romero 

13:00 Lunch and departure