New Book Released by LSE IDEAS Associates: Southern Africa in the Cold War, post-1974
CWIHP is pleased to announce publication of the first-ever Critical Oral History on Southern Africa in the Cold War era. Drawing together leading former antagonists from South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, the former Soviet Union and with representation from Cuba, this volume combines moderated discussion from contemporary actors, combined with academic analysis and new key multi-archival documents. The volume is an important contribution to study of the complexity of the Cold War in the region's liberation struggles versus white minority resistance. This volume is co-edited by LSE IDEAS Associates Sue Onslow and Anna-Mart van Wyk.

African International Affairs Programme Fellowship
The new AIAP African Research Fellowship has been generously supported by an Anonymous Donor, Atlantic Philanthropies, Richard Delbridge, and the LSE Centennial Fund. This is one of a series of Research Fellowships across the School and forms part the LSE African Initiative which seeks to engage with African institutions and promote knowledge exchange.

Lakhdar Ghettas: What Next For Egypt?|
Situation Analysis on the ongoing crisis in Egypt, the scent of the jasmine revolution?

The Geopolitical Repercussions of the Tunisian Jasmine Revolution on North Africa
Lakhdar Ghettas analyses the regional fallout from the weekend's events in Tunisia.

Ivory Coast election dispute raises questions over reconciliation
IDEAS Africa International Affairs Programme: Christian Kramer. The nationalist incumbent is pitted against an opponent with international support – just three years after civil war ended

Lakhdar Ghettas: Western Sahara: No longer a low intensity frozen conflict
On the conflicting reports on the recent violent clashes between Moroccan forces and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Saguia el-Hamra and Río de Oro (POLISARIO) in a protest camp near Laayoune, Sahara's main town.

Call for Papers - Africa in the Changing World Development Paradigm Moscow May 2011
Professor Vladimir Shubin, of the Institute for African Affairs in Moscow, and a leading associate with the Africa International Affairs Programme, is organising a major conference on...... in May 2011. In particular, it is intended to organise a separate panel on Zimbabwe, given the country's recent tumultuous past and impending general election. The participants from several countries are expected to look into the roots of the crisis, to analyse both domestic and external factors, to distinguish between myths and realities, to assess the steps taken for national reconciliation and healing, and (the most difficult and most important) to see “the way forward”.

Call for Papers - Bologna Conference 21-22. January 2011
The University of Bologna, co-sponsor along with LSE IDEAS, of the annual Cold War Summer School, is hosting a conference on Sub-Saharan Africa in the 1970s. Crises, Conflicts and Transformations.

Cold War in Southern Africa: white power, black liberation, edited by Sue Onslow
Adrian Guelke: Sue Onslow - Head of LSE IDEAS Africa Programme, "makes the largest contribution to the book...thoughtfully reviews the implications of the archival evidence referred to by the other authors for historical judgements on the Cold War’s effect."

Chris Alden in Financial Times
Chris Alden, Reader in International Relations, Sino-Africa expert and co-head of the LSE IDEAS Africa International Affairs Programme, was quoted in a recent Financial Times article: Continent drives a harder bargain

Chris Alden in Time Magazine
Chris Alden, Reader in International Relations, Sino-Africa expert and co-head of the LSE IDEAS Africa International Affairs Programme, was quoted in a recent Time Magazine article: China's New Focus on Africa.

Podcast - Africa and the World
Roundtable discussion on 'Africa and the World' between leading developmental economists, Professor Thandika Mkandawire; Professor Michael Chege; Professor Fantu Cheru; and Dr Chris Alden.

New Strategic Update - Resurgent Continent? Africa and the World
To mark the launch of the LSE IDEAS Africa International Affairs Programme this Strategic Update considers the opportunities and the challenges facing the continent.

Just What's Happening in Algeria?
The assassination of the Algerian chief of national police Colonel Ali Tounsi coincides with the standoff between the Turkish Government and the military establishment. In Algeria, a conflict of similar colouring has been underway for several months.

Interview with former South African Foreign Minister R.F. "Pik" Botha
As South African Foreign Minister from 1977 to 1994 RF 'Pik' Botha was deeply involved in domestic and regional politics, including regional conflicts and the final transition of the apartheid government to black majority rule in 1994.