Witness Seminars

CWSC-CCBH Witness Seminar

carringtonCrop_160x220Britain and Rodesian Question: The Road to Settlement, 1979-80
Tuesday, 5 July 2005, The National Archive, Kew, Richmond, Surrey

On Tuesday 5th July , in collaboration with the Centre for Contemporary British History|, the CWSC held a Witness Seminar 'Britain and Rhodesia: Road to Settlement' at The National Archives|, Kew. This was the first meeting in the current series being organised by CWSC as part of its Southern Africa Initiative. For more information about this conference, contact Dr. Sue Onslow at S.Onslow@lse.ac.uk|

The Witness Seminar was attended by many leading British politicians and diplomats involved in the resolution of the Rhodesia issue, the events leading up to the Lancaster House Conference and Zimbabwe's legal independence in April 1980. Participants included Lord Carrington (Foreign Secretary 1979-1982), Lord Steel (leader of the Liberal Party 1976-88), Sir John Graham, Sir Derek Day, and the Hon Peter Jay (British Ambassador to Washington 1977-79).

groupShotCrop_160x107Professor Westad, Director of CWSC, then chaired an interactive session between historians and witnesses. Extracts of the Witness Seminar will be made available in due course on CWSC website.