Obama and American Power Today


9th May 2011

British Library Conference Centre

Co-organised by LSE IDEAS, the University of Manchester and the Eccles Centre at the British Library this symposium will examine the domestic political and economic situation in the US; new strategies for global influence; and consider the USA and UK in the context of rising powers.

This one-day symposium – the second in a series of 6 planned/organised by the AHRC-funded Research Network on the Obama Presidency| – aims to consider the condition of American power and influence as President Obama's tenure at the White House enters its third year. American power and influence will be explored in their inter-connected domestic and global contexts, in terms of its economic, military and 'soft' power, and in the context of America's changing relations with allies like Britain and rising powers like China and India.

Speakers – drawn from scholarly and practitioner communities, including think tanks, FCO, and a capital investment firm - will address issues such as the domestic sources of American state power and their global impacts, the domestic socio-political-racial dimensions of the Obama presidency, Obama's national security strategies and other key issues including continuing uses of 'Extraordinary Rendition', the relative power of the American military, and the relative power and strategies of the United States vis a vis its allies and global competitors. 

The Plenary Lecture, to be delivered by Robert Jervis (Columbia) is entitled "American Intelligence and the Iraq War in Perspective".

Conference registration will open on 9th November.