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Visiting Professors



Mr Gordon Barrass| is a Visiting Professor at LSE IDEAS. He was a member of the Joint Intelligence Committee and Chief of the Assessments Staff during the last years of the Cold War. His latest book, The Great Cold War - A Journey Through the Hall of Mirrors, has been highly acclaimed in both Washington and Moscow


Mr Robert Cooper| is a Visiting Senior Fellow at LSE IDEAS. He was educated at Oxford and joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1970. Since then Mr Cooper has worked at various British Embassies abroad and since mid-2002 he has been working on behalf of the EU.


Julian Miller| is a Visiting Senior Fellow at LSE IDEAS. Julian Miller was appointed Deputy National Security Adviser in July 2010 and has worked in the Cabinet Office since September 2009. He joined the Civil Service in 1980. He has spent most of his career in the Ministry of Defence (MOD)


Jamie Shea| has been appointed as a Visiting Senior Fellow in International Strategy and Diplomacy at LSE IDEAS.