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Joseph Barnsley Comms

Joseph Barnsley is Communications Officer at LSE IDEAS. He is a graduate of Leeds and Warwick universities whose previous employment includes the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB).


Dr Luc-André Brunet is Deputy Head of the Cold War Studies Programme and Pinto Post-Doctoral Fellow in Contemporary International History.


Dr David Cadier is the Executive Programme Teaching Fellow at LSE IDEAS.


Indira Endaya does the layout and design work for IDEAS publications. She finished her Master of Arts in Media, Communication and Culture at Aarhus University in Denmark and the UCL Institute of Education under the EU’s Erasmus Mundus programme.


Mireia Franch is the Finance Administrator in LSE IDEAS and the Project Assistant for the Hong Kong Project.


Tiha Franulovic is the Centre Secretary. Tiha is the pivot of the centre. She organises meetings and appointments and is responsible for travel arrangements, mail and telecommunications. She also looks after the arrangements for visiting fellows and the Philippe Roman Chair and assists the directors in their various tasks. 

Nick Kitchen

Dr Nicholas Kitchen is Editor in Chief at LSE IDEAS and Deputy Head of the LSE IDEAS United States International Affairs Programme


Emilia Knight is Centre Manager of LSE IDEAS.


Corina Mavrodin is a PhD candidate in the International History Department and Project Manager for the Dahrendorf Symposium.


Mihaela Muresan is the Events Assistant at LSE IDEAS. She is studying MSc Media and Communications at LSE.


Dr Ursula Durand Ochoa is the Programme Coordinator of the Latin America International Affairs Programme. 

Lena NEW!

Lena Poleksic is the Events Coordinator at LSE IDEAS. She completed her Masters degree in Communications Management (Public Relations) in London. She also holds an MA in English Language and Literature from the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade.


Liza Ryan is the Programme Administrator for the Russia Studies Programme.


Craig Smith is Executive Programme Assistant for MSc International Strategy and Diplomacy at LSE IDEAS.


Dr Luca Tardelli is the Executive Programme Convener of the Executive MSc International Strategy and Diplomacy.

Dr Jie (Cherry) Yu is the East Asia International Affairs Programme Coordinator