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Professor Michael Cox

mCox_large Professor Michael Cox is Director of LSE IDEAS and Emeritus Professor of International Relations at LSE.

In addition, he is currently working on a history of LSE. 

Professor Cox has held appointments at The Queen's University of Belfast (1972-1995), California State University at San Diego (1986), The College of William and Mary in Virginia (1987-1989), the Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth (1995-2001), The Catholic University of Milan (2003-2008), the University of Melbourne (2004-2005), and the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies in Canberra, Australia (2004-2008). Read full biography.

Latest News


New Zealand Institute of International Affairs Conference 2016

IDEAS Director Michael Cox is speaking, from London, at the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs 2016 Conference 'The Global Future: Challenges to Security, Stability and Sustainability'. The conference explores what 'the rise of the rest' means for the global order.


Professor Cox makes Hay in Segovia 

IDEAS Director Michael Cox spoke on Brexit and its global implications at the Hay Festival in Segovia, Spain - part of the international network of Hay Festival events. This week, Professor Cox is representing LSE IDEAS at the Global Think Tank Summit in Montreal.

The Brexit Vote: Domestic Debate and Global Implications

The Brexit Vote: Domestic Debate and Global Implications

IDEAS Director Michael Cox, China Foresight's Yu Jie, and Dahrendorf Forum fellow Tim Oliver took part in this debate hosted by the IAI, Italy's leading think tank, in Rome with diplomats on the potential impact of the UK leaving the EU. 

Each Age Gets the Inequality It Needs

Watch: Ian Morris & Michael Cox on How Human Values Evolve

Watch the conversation with Philippe Roman Chair Ian Morris and IDEAS Director Michael Cox on what long term history tells us about how human values have evolved, part of Jewish Book Week 2016.

Space for Thought

Two Schools, One Vision - Podcast now available 

As part of the LSE Literary Festival 2016's 'Utopia' theme, IDEAS Director Michael Cox discussed the competing utopian ideas of prominent LSE figures set in the context of the history of 20th century: Friedrich Hayek, Karl Popper and Michael Oakeshott versus Harold Laski, RH Tawney and the founders of the School: the Webbs.

International Relations

Power Shifts article tops International Relations downloads

IDEAS Director Michael Cox's article 'Power Shifts, Economic Change and the Decline of the West?' has become the most downloaded article in the highly regarded journal International Relations.  Read it here.  The article challenges the popular argument that a major global power shift is taking place, a claim explored by our Power Shifts project.


Rudolf Nureyev - Dance to Freedom on BBC2

Professor Cox features as a historical expert on the upcoming BBC dramtised documentary Dance to Freedom, telling the story of Rudolf Nureyev - the Soviet ballet dancer who defected to the West at the height of the Cold War. It airs on BBC2 on Saturday 19th December. 

Craig Calhoun

IDEAS Director takes part in LSE students evening

Professor Cox spoke at the 'Meet Your Academics' event with LSE Director Craig Calhoun (pictured), Dr Vanessa Iwowo (Department of Management), and Dr Shakuntala Banaji (Department of Media & Communications). 

LSE 100

LSE 100 lecture on Is the World Order Changing?

Professor Cox, Director of IDEAS, is leading off on LSE's flagship first year course, LSE 100, in a brand new module entitled Is the World Order Changing?

Millennium Journal

Michael Cox to Chair Panel at Millennium Conference

Millennium is a leading International Relations journal edited by LSE postgraduate students. IDEAS is proud to be sponsoring the 'Problematiques of Resilience' panel chaired by our Director Michael Cox, on stability in the international system, at their 2015 Conference.
The Conference takes place on 17-18 October 2015.


Meeting with Phillip Hammond in Beijing 

After taking part in the LSE-PKU Summer School in Beijing, IDEAS Director Michael Cox and Dr. Yu Jie met the Foreign Secretary and the UK Ambassador to China Barbara Woodward with Professor Wang Jisi of Peking University. Posted 20 August 2015.


Will America and China go to war? Listen to the debate

How likely is a great power conflict between China and the United States? Listen to this LSE Summer School event with IDEAS Director Michael Cox and author of Will China Dominate the 21st Century? Jonathan Fenby. Recorded 6th August 2015. 


Listen: Professor Cox speaks at BBC Proms Extra on LSE in 1895

120 years ago, the year of the first Proms concerts, the London School of Economics was founded with the aim of improving society by promoting greater equality. Professor Michael Cox speaks at BBC Proms Extra about the history of the School to mark this joint anniversary.
Recorded 2nd September 2015. 


Greece surrendered, but the real defeat was for Europe

IDEAS Director Michael Cox reflects on being in Greece during the Euro referendum on the LSE European Politics and Policy Blog, arguing that despite Alexis Tsipras' climbdown, Europe has suffered most.
Posted July 15th 2015.


View Professor Cox's Publications. 

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