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Pinto Post Doctoral Fellowship

The Pinto post-doctoral fellowship in contemporary international history is a prestigious position at LSE. This post-doctoral fellowship provides an opportunity for recent PhDs to benefit from a year of involvement with the LSE IDEAS community of scholars.

The Fellowship is awarded to a successful post-viva PhD student who has worked on a topic related to the Cold War history broadly conceived. The scheme is aimed at supporting post-doctoral candidates prepare their thesis for publication. The successful candidate will also benefit from association with the Centre and participation in its activities and will enjoy part-time access to the Centre facilities.


Current Pinto Fellow


Luc-André Brunet is the Pinto Post-Doctoral Fellow for the 2014 - 2015 academic year.



More information on the Pinto Post Doctoral Fellowship here.



Maurice Pinto PhD Scholarship

The LSE IDEAS Cold War Studies Programme awards the Maurice Pinto PhD Scholarship. The award supports research into the history of the Cold War. The scholarship covers fees and living expenses and the recipients have a research affiliation with LSE IDEAS.

Stonex PhD Scholarship

The Stonex PhD scholarship is a three-year scholarship which covers both student fees and living costs. It is awarded every three years to two students demonstrating exceptional academic ability and achievement, one from the International Relations Department and one from the International History Department.