Professor Cox's areas of expertise are in the foreign policy of the US and American grand strategy. He is also concerned with Britain and the US, world politics after 11 September, the trans-Atlantic relationship in crisis, the history of the Cold War and post-Cold War international relations.

Completed Doctoral Students


Luca Tardelli| is a Junior Fellow at LSE IDEAS.  His doctoral research focuses on the role of political elites in military interventions in domestic conflicts. His research interests include Classical and Neoclassical Realism, alliance theory, political and historical sociologyb and strategic issues. 

Nick Kitchen

Nicholas Kitchen| is Philippe Roman Fellow at LSE IDEAS.  His thesis entitled 'American Power: For What? Ideas, Unipolarity and America's Search for Purpose Between the 'Wars'.  1991-2001' focused on United States grand strategy debates in the 1990s.  His research interests include classical and neoclassical realism, US Foreign Policy, and the role of ideas in international relations.


Cristina Barrios| is a Paris-based consultant specialising in democracy promotion and American and European foreign policy. Her research focuses on the complex evolution of the Transatlantic relationship and the "rise" of the European Union in contemporary International Relations, and she compares democracy promotion strategies in the Middle East and North Africa, most extensively in the Congo.


Lisa Aronsson is Head of the Transatlantic Programme at the Royal United Servicemen's Institute (RUSI) in London.  Dr Aronsson writes on transatlantic security relations, the history of NATO, cotemporary debates about NATO's transformation, and new challenges in the post-Cold War world.


Felix Berenskoetter| is a lecturer in International Relations at SOAS.  Hi research Interests include International Relations Theory; Identity; Power; Time; Friendship; Critical Security Studies; International Institutions; European Foreign and Security Policy; Transatlantic Relations (in particular German-American relations). 


Adam Quinn| is a lecturer in International Studies at the University of Birmingham.His chief area of interest is the role of national history and ideology in shaping US grand strategy, the subject of his doctoral thesis which has been published as US Foreign Policy in Context: National Ideology from the Founders to the Bush Doctrine, (London and New York: Routledge, 2010).


Robert Kelley| is an Assistant Professor at the School of International Service at American University in Washington DC. His doctoral thesis entitled "From Monologue to Dialogue: U.S. Public Diplomacy in the Post-9/11 Era," is currently being revised as a book.  Dr Kelley is primarily interested in American public diplomacy.