IDEAS Public Lecture Series on "Asia Rising?"
The great defining debate of the 21st century now seems to revolve around one fundamental question: will the future belong to the new rising powers of Asia revolving around the great economic power-house called China or the old Transatlantic powers of the West still led by the United States? LSE IDEAS launches a series of public lectures in the coming Lent Term to explore the dynamism of two great powers, featured speakers including Michael Cox, John Ikenberry, Arne Westad,Jonathan Fenby, Isabel Hilton and Simon Hix.

Professor Michael Cox will deliver the Clifford Barclay Memorial Lecture
On Tuesday 19th November, LSE IDEAS Founding Co-Director Professor Michael Cox will deliver a public lecture entitled 'Power Shift? The Rise of the Rest and the Decline of the West: facts, myths and economists'. LSE Director Professor Craig Calhoun will be Chairing this event.

Millennium Conference: Rethinking the Standard(s) of Civilisation(s) in International Relations
The theme of this year’s conference will focus on the standard(s) of civilisation(s) in International Relations. In recent years, there has been a renewed scholarly interest in the concept of ‘the standard of civilisation’ in examining international norms, practices and policies entrenched in world politics, including international law, human rights, the status of women, good governance and globalisation, global markets, the EU policy of ‘membership conditionality’, and state-building.

Prof. Michael Cox to give lecture at University of Melbourne, Australia
On Thursday 18th July, Professor Michael Cox will deliver the University of Melbourne and London School of Economics Inaugural Lecture at the University of Melbourne. His talk will be titled: "Australia and the West in a new Asian Order?"

Prof Arne Westad and Prof Michael Cox publish articles in Global Policy

LSE IDEAS Public Event: The Global Drug Wars, October 2012
Since 1909 the international community has worked to eradicate the abuse of narcotics. A century on, the efforts are widely acknowledged to have failed, and worse, have spurred black market violence and human rights abuses. How did this drug control system arise, why has it proven so durable in the face of failure, and is there hope for reform?

IDEAS Book Launch - US Foreign Policy Second Edition
Thursday 10th May 2012, 6.30pm, COL 2.01 Columbia House Speakers: Professor Michael Cox, Dr Doug Stokes Chair: Dr Nicholas Kitchen

India: The Next Superpower? New Special Report
India's remarkable growth has seen expectations grow that India might become a superpower. But is India ready to expand its influence abroad, or should it focus on the fissures within its borders?

Video Debate: Is the United States in Decline?
On February 2nd 2012, Professor Michael Cox and Dr. Nicholas Kitchen of LSE IDEAS attended a debate at the Institute for the Studies of the Americas (ISA), where they argued against the motion that America is in decline. Arguing for the motion were: Dr Adam Quinn (University of Birmingham) and Professor Iwan Morgan (ISA). Chairing the debate was Dr. Matthew Hill (ISA).

Mick Cox and Danny Quah: A new world economic order?
Professor Michael Cox guest-blogs for Danny Quah.