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Mick Cox speaks to LSE Advancement about the importance of connecting with our alumni
Mick Cox, LSE Professor Emeritus and Director of LSE IDEAS, spoke to LSE Advancement about the importance of connecting with our alumni, and the benefits it can bring to faculty members.

LSE IDEAS Host the Vice Minister Guo Yezhou of International Department of the Chinese Communist Party
LSE IDEAS host the Chinese Delegation headed by Vice Minister Guo Yezhou of IDCPC. IDCPC seeks LSE IDEAS advice on the Sino-British Relationship and the China-EU relations during its goodwill trip to the UK.

Professor Michael Cox | Chatham House
Professor Michael Cox has been reappointed as an Associate Research Fellow to Chatham House where he contributes to their US Programme. Professor Cox began his association with Chatham House twenty years ago when working on his bestselling book Superpower Without a Mission: US Foreign Policy after the Cold War, published in 1995.

Professor Cox discusses Power Shifts for Greek newspaper 'Kathimerini'
While in Athens for two IDEAS public lectures in June 2014, Professor Michael Cox was interviewed by Kathimerini newspaper on Power Shifts and the rise of the East, Britain and the EU, and the crisis in Ukraine. Read the article in Greek here.

Australia And The West In A New Asian Order? - podcast of Professor Cox
Video podcast available of Professor Cox's public lecture at The University of Melbourne, where he challenges prevailing opinion, suggesting that in the rush to embrace change we often overlook the many things in the world of power which remain very much the same.

Power Shifts, Economic Change and the Decline of the West?
Durham Castle Lecture Series: Founding Co-Director, Professor Michael Cox questions the idea that there is an irresistible “power shift” in the making and that the West and the United States are in steep decline.

Podcast of Professor Michael Cox delivering Clifford Barclay Memorial Lecture
It has become the truism of our age that power is fast ebbing away from a declining West to the East and the "rest". Some indeed predict that the 21st Century will either be Asian or dominated by the so-called BRICs. But how far has this process really gone?

IDEAS Public Lecture Series on "Asia Rising?"
The great defining debate of the 21st century now seems to revolve around one fundamental question: will the future belong to the new rising powers of Asia revolving around the great economic power-house called China or the old Transatlantic powers of the West still led by the United States? LSE IDEAS launches a series of public lectures in the coming Lent Term to explore the dynamism of two great powers, featured speakers including Michael Cox, John Ikenberry, Arne Westad,Jonathan Fenby, Isabel Hilton and Simon Hix.

Professor Michael Cox will deliver the Clifford Barclay Memorial Lecture
On Tuesday 19th November, LSE IDEAS Founding Co-Director Professor Michael Cox will deliver a public lecture entitled 'Power Shift? The Rise of the Rest and the Decline of the West: facts, myths and economists'. LSE Director Professor Craig Calhoun will be Chairing this event.

Millennium Conference: Rethinking the Standard(s) of Civilisation(s) in International Relations
The theme of this year’s conference will focus on the standard(s) of civilisation(s) in International Relations. In recent years, there has been a renewed scholarly interest in the concept of ‘the standard of civilisation’ in examining international norms, practices and policies entrenched in world politics, including international law, human rights, the status of women, good governance and globalisation, global markets, the EU policy of ‘membership conditionality’, and state-building.