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Professor Michael Cox 

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Room COL.2.05A
Columbia House, second floor

Professor Michael Cox

mCox_large Professor Michael Cox is Founding Co-Director of LSE IDEAS and Professor of International Relations at LSE.  He has held appointments at The Queen's University of Belfast (1972-1995), California State University at San Diego (1986), The College of William and Mary in Virginia (1987-1989), the Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth (1995-2001), The Catholic University of Milan (2003-2008), the University of Melbourne (2004-2005), and the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies in Canberra, Australia (2004-2008). »|


Latest News

  • Professor Michael Cox | Chatham House
    Professor Michael Cox has been reappointed as an Associate Research Fellow to Chatham House where he contributes to their US Programme. Professor Cox began his association with Chatham House twenty years ago when working on his bestselling book Superpower Without a Mission: US Foreign Policy after the Cold War, published in 1995.
  • Professor Cox discusses Power Shifts for Greek newspaper 'Kathimerini'
    While in Athens for two IDEAS public lectures in June 2014, Professor Michael Cox was interviewed by Kathimerini newspaper on Power Shifts and the rise of the East, Britain and the EU, and the crisis in Ukraine. Read the article in Greek here.
  • Australia And The West In A New Asian Order? - podcast of Professor Cox
    Video podcast available of Professor Cox's public lecture at The University of Melbourne, where he challenges prevailing opinion, suggesting that in the rush to embrace change we often overlook the many things in the world of power which remain very much the same.

Latest Publications 

  • Cox, Michael (2013) Fighting for Freedom: promoting Democracy the American Way’, Harvard International Review. Spring. pp. 48-51. 
  • Cox, Michael and Barry Buzan (2013)  ‘China and the US: Comparable Cases of Peaceful Rise’ Chinese Journal  of International Politics.
  • Cox, Michael (2013) Too Big To Fail? : The Transatlantic Relationship from Bush to Obama. Global Policy, Volume 3, 1, pp. 71-78.
  • Cox,Michael (2013 eds) US Foreign Policy and Democracy Promotion: From Theodore Roosevelt to Barack Obama .ISBN 978-0-415-67980-0.  Routledge.
  • Cox, Michael (2012) Power Shifts, Economic Change and the Decline of the West. International Relations, Volume 26, No 4, pp. 369 - 383
  • Cox, Michael (2012) Report of the West’s demise and East’s rise are greatly exaggerated. Times Higher Education. 25 October. p.29  
  • Cox, Michael (2012) Introduction to International Relations. University of London Press. 194pp
  • Cox, Michael (2012) eds US Foreign Policy. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978 -0-19-958581-6. 482pp.
  • Cox, Michael and Stokes Doug, (eds.) (2012) U.S. Foreign Policy, 2nd Edition. OUP, Oxford. ISBN: 9780199585816
  • Cox, Michael (2011) Fred Halliday, Marxism and the Cold War. International Affairs, 8(5), pp.1107-1122.
  • Cox, Michael (2011) Power Shift and the Death of the West? Not Yet!. European Political Science, 10(3), pp.416-424.
  • Cox, Michael (2011) The uses and abuses of history: The end of the Cold War and Soviet collapse. International Politics, 48(4-5), pp.627-646.
  • Cox, Michael (2010) E.H. Carr and the Crisis of Twentieth-Century Liberalism: Reflections and Lessons. Millennium - Journal of International Studies, 38(3), pp.523-533.
  • Parmar, Inderjeet and Cox, Michael, (eds.) (2009) Soft power and US foreign policy: theoretical, historical and contemporary perspectives. Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415492034
  • Cox, Michael and Kitchen, Nicholas (2009) Illusions of Empire and the spectre of decline. In: Parmar, Inderjeet and Miller, Linda B. and Ledwidge, Mark, (eds.) New directions in US foreign policy. Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 9780415777483