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Room COL.2.05A
Columbia House, second floor

Professor Michael Cox

mCox_large Professor Michael Cox is Director of LSE IDEAS and Professor of International Relations at LSE.  He has held appointments at The Queen's University of Belfast (1972-1995), California State University at San Diego (1986), The College of William and Mary in Virginia (1987-1989), the Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth (1995-2001), The Catholic University of Milan (2003-2008), the University of Melbourne (2004-2005), and the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies in Canberra, Australia (2004-2008). »|


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Latest Publications 

  • Cox, Michael (2013) Fighting for Freedom: promoting Democracy the American Way’, Harvard International Review. Spring. pp. 48-51. 
  • Cox, Michael and Barry Buzan (2013)  ‘China and the US: Comparable Cases of Peaceful Rise’ Chinese Journal  of International Politics.
  • Cox, Michael (2013) Too Big To Fail? : The Transatlantic Relationship from Bush to Obama. Global Policy, Volume 3, 1, pp. 71-78.
  • Cox,Michael (2013 eds) US Foreign Policy and Democracy Promotion: From Theodore Roosevelt to Barack Obama .ISBN 978-0-415-67980-0.  Routledge.
  • Cox, Michael (2012) Power Shifts, Economic Change and the Decline of the West. International Relations, Volume 26, No 4, pp. 369 - 383
  • Cox, Michael (2012) Report of the West’s demise and East’s rise are greatly exaggerated. Times Higher Education. 25 October. p.29  
  • Cox, Michael (2012) Introduction to International Relations. University of London Press. 194pp
  • Cox, Michael (2012) eds US Foreign Policy. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978 -0-19-958581-6. 482pp.
  • Cox, Michael and Stokes Doug, (eds.) (2012) U.S. Foreign Policy, 2nd Edition. OUP, Oxford. ISBN: 9780199585816
  • Cox, Michael (2011) Fred Halliday, Marxism and the Cold War. International Affairs, 8(5), pp.1107-1122.
  • Cox, Michael (2011) Power Shift and the Death of the West? Not Yet!. European Political Science, 10(3), pp.416-424.
  • Cox, Michael (2011) The uses and abuses of history: The end of the Cold War and Soviet collapse. International Politics, 48(4-5), pp.627-646.
  • Cox, Michael (2010) E.H. Carr and the Crisis of Twentieth-Century Liberalism: Reflections and Lessons. Millennium - Journal of International Studies, 38(3), pp.523-533.
  • Parmar, Inderjeet and Cox, Michael, (eds.) (2009) Soft power and US foreign policy: theoretical, historical and contemporary perspectives. Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415492034
  • Cox, Michael and Kitchen, Nicholas (2009) Illusions of Empire and the spectre of decline. In: Parmar, Inderjeet and Miller, Linda B. and Ledwidge, Mark, (eds.) New directions in US foreign policy. Routledge, London, UK. ISBN 9780415777483