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Dr Artem Dankov


Dr Artem Dankov is a Paulson Fellow of the Russia Studies Programme. He is a senior lecturer at Tomsk State University.

Dr Dankov received his PhD from the Tomsk State University|. In 2008, he participated in a fellowship programme at the Free University of Brussels|, Belgium.

Areas of Expertise

  • Anglo-Russian rivalry in Central Asia in the XIXth century
  • Qing policy in Xinjiang
  • History of Central Asia and China
  • Modernization of Central Asian states

Recent Publications

  • Internal migration and interethnic relations in present Kyrgyzstan, International scientific conference "International relations in Central Asia: history and present time". 2010 27-33 (In Russian)
  • Process of formulation of main concepts of British policy in Asia (first half of the XIX century), Far East States: history, politic, culture. (2008). vol. 8. 29-58 (In Russian)
  • Ferghana valley: problems of maintaining economic stability, Central Asia and the Caucasus (2007) 123-131 (In English)
  • Ways to Economic Stability in Ferghana Valley Peace and Conciliation (2007) 67-86 (In Russian)
  • "Pamir border problem" between the Russian empire and British India, Questions of history, international relations and document studies (2007) 53-59 (In Russian)
  • British historiography on Anglo-Russian rivalry in Central Asia (first half of XIX century), Tomsk state university review (July 2007) 87-91 (In Russian)