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Yaniv Voller

Yaniv is a research student in the LSE International Relations Department and Middle East in International Affairs Programme assistant at LSE IDEAS

Research Interests

Yaniv's main main research interests are different patterns of separatist conflicts, international and transnational aspects of state-building and state-minority relations in the Middle East. His doctoral research focuses on the changing nature of the Kurdish nationalist movement in northern Iraq since the 1950s:

  • Transition from guerrilla warfare into state-building. 
  • The role of Kurdish diaspora and returnees in the development of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.
  • Internaction between the Kurdish leadership and international community.

Book Reviews and Conference Papers 

  • "Review of What Kind of Liberation by Najde al-Ali and Nicola Pratt," Millennium   40, 1 (2011), 210-211.
  • "Review of Contested States in World Politics by Deon Geldenhuys," International Affairs 86, 3 (2010), 765-766
  • "The pursuit of legitimacy: Toward a better understanding of de facto states," ISA Annual ConferenceMontreal, Quebec, Canada, March 15-19, 2011  
  • "Legitimacy as a Sphere of Communicative Action: Separatism and Communicative Action in International Society," London, UK September 16-17, 2010
  • "De Facto Statehood and the Pursuit of International Legitimacy: the Case of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq," World Congress of Middle Eastern Studies, Barcelona, Spain, July 19-24, 2010