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Darya Vershinina

 Vershinina-DDr. Darya Vershinina is the current Paulsen Fellow of the LSE IDEAS Russia Studies Programme. She is an Associate Professor at Perm State University (Perm, Russia), where she received her PhD in 2007. Dr. Vershinina is a member of the Russian Association of Researchers in Women’s History and the Russian Society for Intellectual History. She is the author of about 30 academic publications and the head of the Centre for Gender Studies at Perm State University. Currently she is involved in the RESET Programme «Gender, Sexuality and Power» organized by the Open Society Foundation (Kiev, the Ukraine) and in The Jean Monnet Programme of the European Union (Perm, Russia).
Her scientific interests are focused on the history of women’s movement in the West (primarily in Britain), Gender History approach and international connections between feminists both in the early 20th century and during the second wave of Women’s Liberation.