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Effie Pedaliu

Effie_BookcoverDr Effie Pedaliu is a Visiting Fellow at LSE IDEAS and will be working closely for the upcoming Southern Europe International Affairs Programme. She obtained both her MA and PhD in International History from the LSE.

Dr Pedaliu was most recently a Senior Lecturer in International History at the University of West England, Bristol. In the past, she has lectured at the LSE and King’s College London and was a Jean Monnet Fellow in European History at Luton University. Her research interests are 20th century international and transnational history. Dr Pedaliu’s current focus is on a series of projects specialising in American and British Cold War policy and strategy during the last two decades of the Cold War with specific reference to issues of European and Mediterranean security and politics, human rights and European Integration. She is the author of Britain, Italy and the Origins of the Cold War (2003) and the title of her forthcoming book is: Contemporary Mediterranean World: An International History. Her research has been facilitated by awards and grants from numerous institutions including: AHRC, the British Academy, the Central Research Fund (University of London) and the Scouloudi Foundation (IHR).

Dr Pedaliu has contributed to CNN Television on issues pertaining to Greece, Italy, the Balkans, the US and the EU. Her consultancy with the Diplomatic and Historical archive of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs (YDIA) resulted in the organisation and declassification of important documents held by the Greek Foreign Ministry which have shed new light on the origins of the Cold War. She  is a member of the Peer Review College of the Arts and Humanities Research Council, a co-convenor of the International History Seminar (IHR) and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. Together with Professor John Young (Nottingham) is a general co-editor of the Palgrave/Macmillan book series Security, Conflict and Cooperation in the Contemporary World.



  • Contemporary Mediterranean World: An International History, Routledge, 2013, (forthcoming).
  • Britain, Italy and the Origins of the Cold War, Palgrave/Macmillan Press Ltd, Nov. 2003.


  • ‘A Sea of Confusion’: The Mediterranean and Détente, 1969-1974’, Diplomatic History, Vol. 33 (4), September 2009
  • ‘A Discordant Note': NATO and the Greek Junta, 1967-74’, Diplomacy and Statecraft, Vol. 22, (1), March 2011.



  • Britain in Global Politics Volume 2: From Churchill to Blair
    Dr Effie Pedaliu is Co-Editor of this collection of essays which focuses on Britain's role in global affairs since the Second World War. The essays cover a broad field, from relations with Japan and China, through European and African developments, to defence planning in Whitehall. They include also political, economic, defence, ideological and religious dimensions and, even, 'futurology'. The essays in the collection offer fresh insights and new interpretations of the way in which a weakened Britain conducted its foreign policy in order to protect its interests and retain influence in international affairs. The book presents readers with wide-ranging perspectives on Britain and the World in the Cold War and post-Cold War eras, based on the latest available evidence. This collection of essays, along with the accompanying volume covering the period from Gladstone to Churchill, is published in memory of Saki Dockrill.
  • Southern Europe and its Prospects in 6 Q&As
    Dr Effie G. H. Pedaliu writes a thought-provoking Blog piece for the LSE IDEAS Southern Europe International Affairs Programme.
  • LSE IDEAS Visiting Fellow, Dr Effie G. H. Pedaliu publishes new article
    Effie G. H. Pedaliu, ‘Transatlantic Relations at a Time When ‘More Flags’ Meant ‘No European Flags’: the United States’ War in South-East Asia and its European Allies, 1964–8’, International History review, 35/3, 2013, pp. 556-575.
  • Fault Lines in Post War Mediterranean and the ‘Birth of Southern Europe’, 1945-1979
    Visiting Fellow Dr Effie Pedaliu will be giving a lecture entitled: Fault Lines in Post War Mediterranean and the ‘Birth of Southern Europe’, 1945-1979 at the University of Yale, on Monday 22 October at 5.00pm.