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Luc-André Brunet

Luc_150Luc-André Brunet is the Deputy Head of the LSE IDEAS Cold War Studies Programme and Managing Editor for both the Cold War History| journal and LSE IDEAS Reports|.

Luc is a SSHRC Doctoral Fellow and a PhD Candidate in the International History Department. His thesis examines the organisation of the French steel industry from the Fall of France until 1940 until the establishment of the Monnet Plan in 1947.  It explores the emergence of the Cold War in France and the institutional and personal continuities from Vichy France to the post-war Fourth Republic and the European Coal and Steel Community. 

Before starting at LSE, Luc completed his Master of Arts in European, Russian and Eurasian Studies at l’Université Libre de Bruxelles and Carleton University (Ottawa).  As an undergraduate, he studied Humanities at Carleton and History at Sciences Po (Paris).  He was also Visiting Scholar at the Centre d'Histoire de Sciences Po in 2013. 

Luc currently teaches HY116: International History since 1890 at LSE.  He is also course organiser for the International History Department's Cold War Research Seminar| (HY510).

Areas of expertise:

Twentieth-century Europe, with particular emphasis on:

  • European integration and the Cold War
  • French economic and foreign policy
  • Vichy France and the Second World War


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