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Andrey Larin

LarinAndreyDr. Andrey Larin is the current Paulson Fellow of the LSE IDEAS Russia Studies Programme. He is a senior lecturer at Samara State University (Samara, Russia), where he received his PhD in 2010. Dr. Larin is a member of Samara City public organization "Community of Young Scientists".

His academic area of expertise concerns the problems of Russian policy in Iran (and, particularly, the history of Russian-Britain rivalry in this country) in the 19th and 20th centuries, international relations in the Middle East, modern history of Iran and neighbouring countries. Besides the diplomatic, political, military and economic aspects of these problems, he is also studying the perceptional stereotypes, existed among the educated society and the political elite of the Russian Empire, of the state, society and culture of Qajar Iran; similarities and differences between Russian Orientalism and the British version.

Areas of Expertise
- History of Russian policy in Iran
- Russian-Britain rivalry in Asia
- International relations in the Middle East
- Problems of Orientalism

Recent Publications

Larin A.B. Russian-Iranian military cooperation in 30-40s of the XIXth century. // Bulletin of Samara State University. №7 (73). Samara, 2009. P. 36-41.

Larin A.B. Jan Witkiewicz: Reports from Afghanistan. // History and historiography of foreign world in personalities. Interuniversity collection of scientific articles. Ed. by V.V. Kutyavin. Issue 9. Samara: "Samara University", 2009. P. 171-195.

Larin A.B. "Russian battalion" in Iran and Captain Albrand's mission in 1838-1839. // Young scientist's bulletin of Samara State Economic University. №1 (19). Samara, 2009. P. 299-312.

Larin A.B. Mission of General Staff First Lieutenant Baron Asch in Khorasan in 1831-1832. // Economic and cultural paradigm in the époque of crisis. International University in Moscow (Humanitarian) Volga Branch. Samara, 2009. P. 49-56

Larin A.B. Nikolay Feodorovich Masalsky and the Russian artillerymen in Persia in 1839-1840. // Ontology of crisis in the space and time of human being. Interdisciplinary scientific conference of young scientists and specialists. Samara: "Porto-print", 2009. P. 135-138.