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Outi Keranen

OutiOuti Keranenis an associate at LSE IDEAS and teaches a general social science course at the LSE. She holds a PhD from the Department of International Relations at the LSE, an MSc in International Relations from University of Bristol and BA in International Studies from Kingston University. She has held the post of Visiting Lecturer at University of Westminster (London) and taught widely on International Relations, Political Science and Peace and Conflict Studies. Dr Keranen’s research interests are in conflict, peace and security in International Relations and she has authored articles on post-conflict statebuilding in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Her research has been published in the Nationalities Papers – journal and she has authored a chapter for an edited volume on statebuilding in the Western Balkans published by Routledge in November 2013. She is in the process of publishing a paper on identity-building processes in post-conflict states.

She is currently writing a paper with a colleague on statebuilding processes in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Taking a cue from historical sociology, the paper seeks to provide an empirically-grounded account of the violence and instability generated by statebuilding processes in the two cases. She is also designing and collecting material for a new research project interrogating further the identity-building aspect of post-conflict statebuilding processes. The project approaches post-conflict statebuilding as a process of creating a common sense of belonging; as questions of identity and belonging have underpinned many of the post-Cold War civil conflicts, successful statebuilding following these conflicts requires engagement with such issues.

Dr Keranen also has interest in European politics and identity. She is a co-investigator in an inter-disciplinary LSE IDEAS-based project investigating media representations of the Euro zone crisis across EU member states. The research focuses on the diverging public perceptions of the crisis and ideas of Europe as well as on the role of media in the crisis. She is co-editor and contributor to the Euro Crisis in the Press| blog.